BSB #90. Scary Numbers in the Arctic

Now In "Uncharted Waters" With Global Sea Ice
by J. Morris Hicks

As stated earlier, I have concluded that the best use of my time relative to helping to save our civilization is by focusing on a commercial product (ARCH)  that leverages the power of capitalism to help correct many of the "unsustainable" situations we face. Please contact me if you'd like to help us financially with this urgent effort.

I will also continue to update you from time to time regarding my earlier efforts to research and write about the sustainability "big picture." Today, I am writing about the latest with regards to the vanishing global sea ice. 

Last week, I received a "Google Alert" message from Climate Central, "a n independent organization of leading scientists and journalists researching and reporting the facts about our changing climate and its impact on the public." 

After clicking a few times, I found this recent graph from (National Snow and Ice Data Center). The graph shows the global sea ice extent, by month, from January 1978 through November 2016. You can clearly see from the 2016 red line that, during the month of October and November, we veered sharply into some "uncharted waters" when it comes to sea ice.

The message I received from Climate Central

The Arctic is undergoing an  astonishingly rapid transition as climate change overwhelms the region.
New research sheds light on the latest example of the changes afoot, showing that parts of the Arctic Ocean
are becoming more like the Atlantic. Warm waters are streaming into the ocean north of Scandinavia and Russia, altering ocean productivity and chemistry. That's making sea ice recede and kickstarting a feedback loop that could make summer ice a thing of the past.
If this kind of new information doesn't light a fire under the IPCC and promote some urgency when it comes to fighting climate change, I don't know what will. As Dr. Peter Wadhams states, their goal of a 2C rise in temperature by 2100 is woefully inadequate, prompting him to label the group's ineptitude as a "conspiracy of complacency." 

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Be well,  J. Morris (Jim) Hicks

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