Sea Otter Classic Expo Sales Grow 30%

By Kate Loweth
MONTEREY, Calif. (March 21, 2019) Nearly 1000 brands will occupy 200,000 sq. ft. of display space at the 29th Annual Sea Otter Classic. The event is cycling's largest consumer trade show.

Sea Otter exhibitor sales have grown 30% over last year’s record turnout. Much of the growth comes from increased participation by international brands. Companies will travel from as far away as Europe, Australia, China, and South Africa to exhibit. Nearly 40 e-bike companies will be in attendance. Over 800 demo bikes will be on hand for consumers to try out.

"Key venue changes, coupled with market shifts, fueled substantial expo growth this year,” noted Sarah Timleck, Expo Sales and Marketing Director for the Sea Otter Classic. “Facility improvements by Monterey County allowed us to significantly increase our expo footprint.”

"More importantly, savvy brands from around the world understand that Sea Otter draws a huge consumer audience interested in all aspects of cycling and outdoor recreation. Cyclists, campers, children, families and more come together to enjoy this four-day festival. Our attendees are high-earning consumers who influence the purchasing decisions for their families and friends. As a result, we're seeing increased expo participation from a wide range of endemic and non-endemic brands," Timleck added.

There will be continued growth opportunities for Sea Otter in the future. Monterey County has plans to expand and improve the infrastructure at the Laguna Seca Recreation Area throughout the year.

About Sea Otter Classic  
Regarded as the world's largest cycling festival, this four-day "Celebration of Cycling" hosts nearly 9,000 professional and amateur athletes and 72,000 fans. The 29th Annual Sea Otter Classic takes place April 11-14, 2019 at the Laguna Seca Recreation Area, Monterey, California. For more information, visit or call (800) 218-8411.

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