Dear Earthlight Promotions Soul Family,

Calmness is the most valuable commodity worth your weight in Gold these days! The increase in Sudden Death Syndrome, defined as sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS), is a sudden unexpected death of adolescents and adults, with wars and rumors of wars, and high magnitude earthquakes, transitioning thousands to the Light and leaving thousands homeless. The solar flares are hitting Gaia at record numbers to raise our vibration and are now happening all over the planet. Our collective is going through the eye of the needle in our galaxy; Gaia is pushing out New Earth, the higher dimensional vibration planet based on 5D values, Christ Consciousness, and the One Human Family concept. It feels the opposite now if I turn on mainstream media, social media, and even some unconscious youtube channels. 

I am here to remind you that this is all part of the Birthing Process, and massage your heart gently, for it may take a couple more years for this chaos to subside.

In the meantime, you may ask how not to panic! How to stay calm? How can you feel grounded and safe? Especially if you are a sensitive, empath, clairvoyant, medicine person, light worker, or healer, it is time to put on your etheric Light suit of Amor, or suit or LOVE, pull out your golden toolbox, and use a different tool each day. If you like assistance, I can help for sure. Sign up for a free 40-minute zoom with me.

Please look below for Sacred Retreats, Sound Healing, and Animal Communication Courses. I feel the best when walking my neighbor's dogs in the woods and touching the trees. It is just that simple. For a few years, I walked other dogs and stayed at their homes when they went on vacation, but now I want to hear what they say to me in a bark. Check out Maribeth Decker's Zoom course, which starts next week on Zoom. 
Remember to love yourself up! February is the month of Self Love, and let the love radiate to the entire planet!
Beverly L Nickerson, Spiritual Coach, Sea Shell Reader, Shamanic Practitioner, Sensitive

1 Complementary Session On Zoom
40 Minutes
Email or Call 703-401-9663
Spiritual Coaching Session
Your Body, Mind & Spirit Ready For 2023
Beverly L Nickerson
Spiritual Coach, Sensitive
Shell Reading, Shamanic Practitioner
Offering a 40-minute Complementary Zoom Session
Using Sacred Tools Proven Techniques To Quickly Shift
A-Affirmations, Aroma Therapy, Ancestral Healing, Angels
B-Breathwork, Breathology,
C-Child Inner Work, Candle Magic, Crystal Clearing, Chanting
D-Dance Therapy, Dream Interpretation
E-Exercise, Earthing
F-Fresh Organic Foods, Feather Messages, Foresting
G-Grounding, Walking In The Forest
H-House Clearing, Sage Palo Santo
I-I Am Consciousness
J-Jumping For Joy Trampoline
K-Keep The Faith No Matter What
L-Love Your Self
M-Mirror Work, Meditation, Mushroom Reishi, Mantras
N-Never Give Up, Numerology Charts, NYR Organic Skin Care
O-Ocean Oracle Readings, Organic Foods
P-Prayer Technology, Holistic Personal Training
Q-Quiet Time
R-Rebirthing, Raise Your Vibration. Roses, Retreats
S-Shell Readings, Sound Healing, Sovereignty, Shamanic Cleanings
T-Travel Sacred Locations
U-Universal Spiritual Principles
V-Vision Boards
W-Waking Up To 5th D Consciousness, Walking In The Woods
X-X Ray Vision See Beyond The Veil
Y-Yoga, Yearly Goal Setting
Z-Zen Philosophy
Just to name a few of the holistic healing techniques I have used for the past 23 years. I will generously share one with you in a complimentary session on Zoom. If we start working together, you can be assured that your challenges will be heard, and many holistic natural techniques will be suggested. Many tools are in my ancient indigenous toolbox!
Special Discounts With Packages.
Beverly L Nickerson, Spiritual Coach,
Shell Reader, Shamanic Practitioner
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Ocean Oracle Earthlight Sea Shell Reading :
Beverly L Nickerson, Spiritual Coach, Sacred Sensitive Shaman,

Ocean Oracle Readings
Beverly L Nickerson,
Spiritual Coach,
Shell Reader
Make Zoom Appointment
40-minute sessions
Special Til End of Feb
Where People & Pets Heal & Connect

UConnect Animal Communication Course

Do you talk to your animals? What if you could connect even more deeply with them?

How would you feel knowing why your animal was acting out—and what to do about it?
What if you could create an even deeper relationship with your animal than you already experience?
What would change for both of you?
UConnect ℠
Class starts Wednesday, Feb 22nd, from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM ET for 12 sessions!

Just $697 for this live, online course and all bonuses!
Secure your spot with a $140 down payment!
Payment Programs Available

Who is a good fit for UConnect ℠ ?
  • If you love your pets as much as, or more than, the humans in your lives, this program is for you.
  • If you want to connect more deeply and personally with your animal(s) by learning directly how to do so from Maribeth Decker, an extraordinary animal communicator, this program is for you.
  • If you work with animals (sitters, walkers, groomers, vets, vet techs, fosters, rescues, shelters) and want to add a deeper dimension to your work, this will do it! You will connect more deeply and be able to receive and send information intuitively.
  • If you’d like to investigate energy healing techniques to improve your own life as well as your animals, this program is for you.

Akmal Head Shot

Diabetes, Sweet Mysteries of Life
Master Class
Mondays, March 6 - 27, 2023
8 hr|$174.99
A $74.99 deposit required
Register/More Details Click the Link

Led by  Dr. Akmal T. Muwwakkil, BS, MS, and Ph.D., Tui Na Master, Herbalist, Qigong Master, Naturopath, Nutritionist President of The Energy Institute of the Healing Arts Foundation,

Let’s Have A Conversation About Health Lecture Series presents, Diabetes, Sweet Mysteries of Life Master Class. This 4-week Monday 7 pm – 9 pm (EST) virtual diabetes health lifestyle Master Class offers you health protocols to reduce and/or eliminate diabetes mellitus. 
It introduces healthy lifestyle concepts and protocols to assist you in reestablishing digestion, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients, which reduces and/or eliminates high glucose (sugar) levels. During this Master Class, you learn protocols to enhance digestion, which is the most powerful system of your body.  Digestion is the major element of diabetes and your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Diabetes, Sweet Mysteries of Life, introduces you to the relationship between digestion and the ability of foods you consume to increase your nutritional values, resulting in reducing and/or eliminating diabetes. Diabetes a metabolic (digestive) disharmony caused by malabsorption of nutrients resulting in malnutrition of your cells, which reduces and/or eliminates sugar absorption by your blood cells. This Master Class promotes the importance of eating foods in their seasons for optimum digestion and nourishment. During the glycemic index class, you learn which foods contain the lowest amounts of sugar as you work to balance your blood sugar levels. A Diabetes Food Chart & Blood Sugar Level Recording booklet is provided to assist you in maintaining a record of your eating habits and daily blood sugar levels. The Diabetic Protocol class presents you with foods, micronutrients (minerals/vitamins), herbal therapy, and food supplements information to assist you in lowering your blood sugar and A1c. At the conclusion of Diabetes, Sweet Mysteries of Life Master Class, you will have tools to enhance your health and reduce and/or eliminate high glucose levels, which lowers your A1c levels to where your physician can adjust and/or eliminate your medication (s).

Heart Rebirth Retreat: Rejoice & Rejuvinate in France
Exact Dates TBA
4 Days/3 Nights
In this unique Heart Rebirth Retreat, you will be offered the opportunity to: Relax, Rejoice, and, Rejuvenate.
Lead by Violeta Orowingsas

You're invited to a profound transformation at a Five-star-restored windmill in quaint France.

Space is limited to 12 participants. 

This retreat is for you if:

Have you experienced heartbreak or grief, or loss in your career or romantic life?

Have you lost your spark?
Do you feel stuck?
Are you ready to break free?
What's included:

  • 4 days/3 nights:
  • accommodation at a 5-star French B&B
  • 3 meals per day prepared by a Master Chef with fresh produce from the local garden
  • A space where to dance, sing, dream, and rest freely.
  • Daily healing circles to release trauma, sorrow, stress within you and enjoy life again
  • An afternoon in local gardens to expand your relationship with Mother Earth
  • A pastry cooking lesson
  • An introduction to Aromatherapy
  • Bike rides or walks in the village.

Early bird special: Valentine's month Gift yourself some LOVE 
Reserve your spot:
All-inclusive: $1,440 
Deposit: $720
Gift yourself some LOVE
Zelle transfers to
Not included:
Airfare and Train fare to the main town 
If you have questions: reach out.


Qi Gong & Sound Healing Event
Dante Baker
Organized by

Saturday, Feb 25, 2023
Time- 6 pm-8 pm
St. Lukes Church on the Avenue
800 W 36th Street
Baltimore MD 21211

Qi-gong) is made up of two Chinese words. Qi is pronounced chee and is usually translated as a life force or vital energy that flows through all things in the universe. Gong means cultivation or practice. Essentially, Qi Gong translates as energy cultivation. Qigong's gentle, rhythmic movements reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality, and enhance the immune system.

Dante will lead participants into a comfortable and receptive state to support deep relaxation using sound healing instruments. Once the sound bath begins, allow the vibrations to soothe the mind, clear any blockages within the body, and guide you into the present moment. Discover the powerful and healing effects of singing bowls and experience sounds that will re-harmonize the entire body.

Were loose clothing, you can bring a yoga mat to lie on.

Self Love

Essential Oils Created by
Mikael Zayat
Alchemist Oils
Valentine Day Special
Try Self-Love
Mention Earthlight Promotions When Ordering.
Receive 10% Off 1 Oil
Palmarosa, Rosewood, Geranium, Lavendula Vera, Canadian Tsuga, Black Spruce, Sandalwood, Bulgarian Rose
*Perfect after releasing trapped emotions using
 THE EMOTION CODE technique.
Rub 2 or 3 drops on your heart or anywhere you need help.
Why Are Alchemist Oils Different?
Mikael Zayat is a 7th-generation alchemist from Egypt who has THE NOSE it takes to become a great perfumer. He did not choose that particular life path because he knew that many gifted perfumers had died of nasal carcinoma due to all the synthetic fragrances they had inhaled over their careers.
So today, 33 years later, Mikael is formulating top-notch aromatic blends like perfumes without artificial ingredients. Mikael creates blends with only NATURE’S finest, properly harvested plants. They are the most refined essential oils available. If Mother Nature gives more sun than usual to a plant before harvest, Mikael will not destroy this gift to standardize the blend; instead, he keeps Mother Nature’s precious elements active in the blend. By honoring nature’s wisdom, Mikael’s unique creations cannot be duplicated.
Local distributor in VA Contact Rusen
*Mention EarthlightPromotions get 10% off 1 regular-price essential oil.

All Oils are Available in sizes from 4ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30 ml


Stuart Hill On Zoom
Interactive Classes
Teaching Traditional Yoga Style
Join for Feb 2023!
1-week class for FREE. Email Stuart mention *Earthlight Newsletter*  1 Week Sample Free
Offering 65 Yoga Classes Each Month!
On Zoom for just $50.00 Per Month

Looking for a source of online yoga? Increase strength, stamina, and flexibility; reduce stress and connect with the greater consciousness; prepare for and meditate if you like. Stuart Hill has been teaching Kundalini and Hatha Yoga for 10 years. His certifications include Hatha E-RYT 500 and Kundalini E-RYT 200, and Silver Yoga Certifications. 
Stuart is currently offering 17 classes per week, including:
- Three (3) Kundalini classes,
- Six (6) Gentle Yoga Level 1 & 2 classes,
- Seven (7) Hatha (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/Restorative) classes,
- Monthly Live Concert
These classes are live and online using the Zoom platform. This allows the teacher to demonstrate poses and for the teacher to view you and suggest any modifications to improve your practice. Classes are every morning and some evenings.
Please visit for the timings of classes and detailed descriptions, and to register, click below:
One of the ways I survived the lockdown was by being able to continue my Kundalini Yoga Classes with my favorite yoga teacher on Zoom after the gym setting was no longer an option. It calmed my mind and kept my body flexible and strong!
You have access to 65 classes per month for $50 less and $1 per class! If you would like to sample a couple of classes, please email Stuart ( for a couple of free class passes. All you need is a laptop, IPAD, or iPhone to join the classes. Classes often include live Native American Indian flute music, Tibetan bowls, and gong meditations during the relaxation period after each class. Students can join early to visit and hang around after for Q&A.