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April 2017
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Low Sulfur Fuel in 2020
An overview of the projected maritime energy market
Low Sulfur Fuel in 2020 by Michael Ramsey NAMEPA
The Ramsey Report: 
Low Sulfur Fuel in 2020- an overview of the projected maritime energy market
Michael Ramsey
Energy and Environment Professional
  Low Sulfur Fuel in 2020 , aka the "Ramsey Report", provides an overview of the projected maritime low sulfur fuel market for 2020, with a concentration on petroleum fuels.  Projections made by two research consultants are compared to shed light on the uncertain future of this market.  A brief discussion is provided at the end of the report to address concerns ship owners may have.  

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) announced that starting in 2020, ships must reduce sulfur emissions from 3.5% to 0.5%.  This is a drastic 85% reduction.  Other emissions (nitrogen and particulate matter) are included, but not of such high concern.
Prior to setting this regulation, the IMO hired the consultant CE Delft (CE) to assess the availability of these low-sulfur solutions for 2020.  The IMO wanted to know if 2020 is a feasible implementation date.  The world's largest ship owner association BIMCO (and several other organizations) hired consultant EnSys and Navigant (EN) to provide a second opinion. . . CE claims low sulfur fuel (LSF) will be available in sufficient quantities, and EN claims it will not.  This outcome reflects the complexity of this topic and difficulty in making an accurate projection.  

Low Sulfur Fuel in 2020 distills both the CE and EN reports and provides a comparison analysis.
  • What did the reports agree on?
  • What did the reports disagree on?
  • What is the projected supply, demand, and cost of low-sulfur petroleum fuels from each report?
  • What is the biggest uncertainty the industry faces?
  • Why did the IMO side with one report and not the other?
For the answers to these and other questions,  CLICK HERE to gain access to the full report. 

Christian Mollitor NAMEPA Board Member Liberian Registry LISCR
How to rebuild a reef NAMEPA Blog
New coral grows on dead, bleached coral
BoardBlogWelcome Aboard!
Christian Mollitor of LISCR is
NAMEPA's newest Board Member

Christian Mollitor, Vice President of the Liberian Registry (LISCR), is warmly welcomed by the Board and its Chairman Joe Hughes of the American Club. 
Mr. Mollitor's experience in maritime and environmental regulatory compliance increases the breadth of NAMEPA's board as the industry focuses on best practices.  "Mr. Mollitor brings additional depth to the NAMEPA board with his experience in the global maritime industry.  As Vice President with LISCR, he works closely with mariners, shipowners and regulators to promote a sustainable marine industry," Mr. Hughes remarked. 

CLICK HERE to read more at NAMEPA's Press Release page.

ReefHow to Rebuild a Reef
by Julia Zeh
Many threats face coral reefs today, from coral bleaching to storms to boats and anchors that break fragile coral branches. But all hope is not lost - corals are capable of regrowth. Recently, a great deal of research has gone into understanding coral resiliency.

CLICK HERE to read more at NAMEPA's Blog - www.namepa.net/namepa-blog

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NetworkNAMEPA's Growing Network
Four companies have joined the ranks of NAMEPA's corporate members to support and participate with other marine industry organizations in our efforts to "Save Our Seas".   Welcome aboard- Wärtsilä, HudsonAnalytix, Marine Exhast Solutions, and Viswa Labs.
Wartsila a NAMEPA corporate member
HudsonAnalytix a NAMEPA corporate member
Marine Exhaust Solutions a NAMEPA corporate member
Viswa Lab a NAMEPA corporate member
For information on the benefits of membership and becoming a corporate or individual member, contact Gail Nicholas as g.nicholas@namepa.net or visit www.namepa.net/become-a-member/
Ocean Frontiers III Screening with NAMEPA
Ocean Frontiers III Connecticut Premiere
Tuesday, April 25, 2017
University of Connecticut, Avery Point Campus

On April 25th, at UConn-Avery Point NAMEPA will be co-hosting a screening of Ocean Frontiers III: Leaders in Ocean Stewardship & the New Blue Economy by Green Fire Production. It is the third in their series of following the Regional Ocean Action Planning Process in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions.  

Both plans were completed in late 2016, including a long public comment period.  The plans include impressive data portals with data that had previously been available publicly but in different locations.  The portal allows user selection of the various data to be displayed in overlays to better understand how all the various uses of the coastal waters in these areas are being used by man and nature, for industry and recreation.  

The historic collaboration of shipping, fishing, energy companies, recreational and environmental groups as well as Native American tribes means that we can proactively manage our coastal resources.
Preview the film here

ChangesSafety at Sea- Facing the Many Changes in Shipping Today
National Maritime Day Seminar and
AMVER Awards Reception
Monday, May 22, 2017
National Press Club
2:00pm - 7:30pm
Once again, NAMEPA is assembling a team of industry experts to discuss the upcoming changes in the shipping industry and how to prepare.  Speakers to date include:
  • Kathy Metcalf, Chamber of Shipping of America
  • Joe Hughes, American Club and Chairman of NAMEPA
  • Cynthia Hudson, HudsonAnalytix
Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, USCG Commandant will be at the AMVER Awards Reception to recognize the more than 160 Shipping companies who participate in the AMVER program. 

For more information about this and other industry events, email c.edwards@namepa.net  
 For sponsorship opportunities, contact g.nicholas@namepa.net

North American Marine Environment Protection Association NAMEPA Patagonia Westport Grant
Patagonia Patagonia Awards NAMEPA an Environmental Grant

The Patagonia Environmental Grants and Support Program has awarded NAMEPA a grant for a second year.  The grant supports NAMEPA's Campus to Community Marine Environmental Stewards project which inspires high school and college campuses as well as their surrounding communities to take action to improve the short- and long-term health of the marine environment.  By focusing on high school and college students, NAMEPA's ultimate goal is to encourage an entire generation to become responsible stewards of the marine environment and "Save Our Seas". 

PatagoniaThe Patagonia Environmental Grants and Support Program gives 1% o their sales to support environmental organizations around the world, funding at the grassroots level in countries and communities where they have people on the ground.

For more information about NAMEPA's Education and Outreach work with high school and colleges, contact Mary Hogue at m.hogue@namepa.net or visit http://www.namepa.net/start-a-chapter/

MaryTownvibe Green Award Presented to Mary Hogue of NAMEPA

Mary Hogue NAMEPA
Mary Hogue
Congratulations to Mary Hogue, NAMEPA's Education and Outreach Manager, for winning a Townvibe Green Award! The Townvibe Green Awards recognize businesses, non-profits, and individ­uals in Connecticut that are leading the local fight to protect the environment while also creating a sustainable social and economic community.

Mary is a Master Gardener who has installed countless gardens and who has become a Master Composter-teaching the art to many others. She is also on several committees that help protect forests, wetlands, and other parts of the environment.

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