Today's PGG is a new one and on the lengthy side, so I'll keep this note short and sweet, mostly just a reminder about my upcoming CONNECTING WITH KRISTINA online gathering this Tuesday, July 19th at 7pmET :)

It's an opportunity to connect with me, but also with a group of like-minded folks about what we are experiencing and learning; share tips, insights and resources and not feel alone as we go through this transformative time. It's kind of like a "PGG LIVE" - let's discuss! For the first topic we'll be talking about CROSSROADS. Scroll down or click here for more details.

And of course, if you haven't already checked out my book Say It To Make It: Affirmations to Empower the Heart, Mind, Spirit and Soul like these folks have, know that is it another offering, as this Amazon review from Tina says, to give you "Great words for crazy times." Check out some reviews and purchase on Amazon here and if you do, please consider writing a review and/or posting on social media with the hashtag #sayittomakeit. Click here for all the IG posts so far and scroll down to learn more and read what others are saying!

Today's PGG Video of the Week is about cultivating love; this week's Instagram post is about how we all affect each other and the world around us. Today's PGG Vibe of the Week, I recommend you put Robert Plant & The Honeydripper's Sea of Love on replay like I have so it gets into your bones <3.

Lastly, THANK YOU for being here and for being part of my community! If any of my essays, coaching, talks, videos or posts have helped you along your career/life journey, here are a few ways you can show your appreciation and support my work:

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Big Hug <3

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