DISCOVERY Yacht Expedition
The Whitney Lab for Marine Bioscience of the University of Florida collected and analyzed plankton samples aboard D/Y SAM during a two week trek from Mexico to Hawaii.
DISCOVERY Yacht Expedition
Researchers from UF conducted plankton genome sequencing aboard D/Y Harle of Fleet Miami. Samples were collected en route from Florida to Bermuda to the Azores.  
Citizen Science Expedition
SeaKeepers participated in the Biscayne Bay Water Watch (BBWW) by collecting water samples aboard D/Y Timely Sale.
Community Outreach
Six SeaKeepers CRUISER Memberships were awarded at Monty's Maynia Fishing Tournament at  Prime Marina Miami.
Instrument Deployment
Semester at Sea is currently deploying a total o32 SeaKeepers Drifters off the coast of South Africa aboard D/Y World Odyssey.
Instrument Deployment
D/Y Exuma deployed the first of three Argo Floats that collect oceanographic measurements in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy. 
Through The Porthole

Portuguese Man-of-War (Physalia physalis)
Despite its jellyfish-like appearance, the Portuguese Man-of-War is actually a siphonophore, which is a colonial animal comprised of many organisms functioning together.  The gas-filled bladder floats at the surface of the water with tentacles below.  The venomous tentacles can reach up to 165 ft. and are used to paralyze prey.  Its stings are painful to humans and on rare occasions can be deadly.  Even when washed ashore, it can still sting!
SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017
Join us on June 22nd to recognize 2017 SeaKeeper of the Year, Wendy Schmidt, and the SeaKeepers of Bermuda, Philippe Max Rouja, Judie Clee, John Paul Skinner, and Chris Flook during America's Cup in Bermuda.
Captain's Corner 
World Fuel Services | Yacht Solutions

Your dedicated fuel crew at America's Cup

With over 25 marine offices around the world, World Fuel Services Yacht solutions is best placed to meet your fueling needs in Bermuda and beyond.

Your dedicated fuel crew offers:
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Put simply, World Fuel Services does the hard work so you don’t have to. We supply the fuel you need, on time and at the right location. To discuss your fueling needs in Bermuda and beyond, contact Victoria Williams on +44 7788 393 799 or visit our  website.
In The Loop
SeaKeepers Asia Award Event 2017,
 hosted by Dinner Chairs Julian & Sandra Chang, recognized Francis Lee and the Nature Society Marine Conservation Group for their commitment to Singapore’s marine conservation. 
SeaKeepers 2017 Featured Artist of the Year Xavier Cortada will be exhibiting his Native Flags project and his 2015 work, 5 Actions to Stop Rising Seas at Deering Spring Contemporary “Platform 450" until June 26. 
The SeaKeepers E3 Cuba Program has been featured in Cuba Trade Magazine alongside Michael T. Moore of Moore and Company and Maria Romeu of Cuba Concierge Yachting.
Fabien Cousteau, member of our Scientific Advisory Council and our 2015 SeaKeeper of the Year Awardee, interviewed with LUXUO Magazine on his involvement with SeaKeepers.
Announcements & Support
Caroline Bay, Bermuda is the SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017 Reception Sponsor. It is the first Ritz-Carlton Reserve resort in Bermuda, which offers global travelers unprecedented, ultra-luxury in the form of a refined, yet relaxed experience.

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Our SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017 Science Sponsor, Metocean Telematics, provides complete end-to-end telematics services, with a focus on niche MetOcean solutions and custom Defence & Security products.
Our SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017 Entertainment Sponsor, Isotropic Networks, is a global, solutions based provider of  Satellite Internet Services and owns and operates its Teleport facilities. 
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Members Only
Our members receive discounts on event tickets! SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017 honoring Wendy Schmidt and the SeaKeepers of Bermuda is fast approaching, so find out how you can become a SeaKeeper today!
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