SeaKeepers 20th Anniversary Celebration
SeaKeepers hosts its 20th Anniversary Celebration at the annual Founders dinner on November 1st, in Fort Lauderdale during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. We will be honoring our 2018 SeaKeeper Award Recipient, Michael Saylor, and recognizing 20th Anniversary Honorary Guest, The REV Ocean Project, founded by Kjell Inge Roekke. Additionally SeaKeepers will be presenting the Nextgen SK Award for young professional leadership in the area of marine conservation and/or the yachting industry. Learn more and RSVP to the event here .
The following four expeditions were done aboard DISCOVERY Yacht Shredder
Scientist-led Expedition
SeaKeepers and Nova South Eastern University Learn More
Scientist-led Expedition
SeaKeepers and Miami Waterkeeper
Scientist-led Expedition
SeaKeepers and Shark Research & Conservation (University of Miami)
Educational Outreach
SeaKeepers and Florida International University’s CASE
Educational Outreach
SeaKeepers, PBS, and Miami Waterkeeper, teamed up to film footage for a documentary series aboard the DISCOVERY Yacht Julia for Public Broadcasting Service.
Scientist-led Expedition
SeaKeepers, teamed up with cetacean experts from several universities and conservation organizations aboard the DISCOVERY Yacht E Cruz.
Educational Outreach
SeaKeepers Asia was invited to speak to 150 students at Deyi Secondary School on Active Citizenry – Marine Conservation. Learn More
Educational Outreach
SeaKeepers Asia brought Dr. Martin Gu towski to the Changkat Changi Secondary School.
Educational Outreach
SeaKeepers Asia organized a floating classroom on DISCOVERY Yacht Luzerne as 16 students of the Changkat Changi Secondary School enjoyed an experience outside of their everyday activities. Learn More
Citizen Science
On August 7th, 2018, SeaKeepers participated in the Biscayne Bay Water Watch, providing data concerning water temperature, pH, salinity, and dissolved oxygen.
In The Loop
The International SeaKeepers Society Recognized!
SeaKeepers has volunteered to support citizen science efforts for the past three years helping with the Biscayne Bay Water Watch Initiative, monitoring and analyzing data concerning water quality in our coastal waterways. SeaKeepers has recently been recognized as the organization that has collected the most samples.
Through The Porthole
Vampire Squid ( Vampyroteuthis infernalis )
The vampire squid is a small cephalopod found throughout temperate and tropical oceans in extreme deep sea conditions. It is able to live and breathe normally in the minimum zone at oxygen saturation as low as 3%. Of all deep-sea cephalopods, their mass-specific metabolic rate is the lowest. If disturbed, it will curl its arms up outwards and wrap them around its body, turning itself inside-out in a way, exposing spiny projections. It may eject a sticky cloud of bioluminescent mucus containing innumerable orbs of blue light from the arm tips, presumably to daze would-be predators.
In Memoriam
Richard DeVos (1926-2018)
Our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Richard DeVos for his support to the International SeaKeepers Society. His generosity as an Admiral Club member helped to establish the International SeaKeepers Society.
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