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UF Scientist Share Their Research with  MacArthur Beach State Park Staff
 Onboard the DISCOVERY Yacht Vigilante, SeaKeepers partnered with researchers from the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience at the University of Florida (UF). The event provided MacArthur Beach State Park educators with a hands-on day of collecting and studying planktonic organisms in West Palm Beach, FL.
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Partnership with Golfito Marina Village and Resort Announced

 SeaKeepers will maintain an onsite presence at a new 40-acre luxury development and Blue-flag marina being built in the ocean-side town of Golfito. A shipment of a SeaKeepers "wet lab" container in early 2016 will be utilized by researchers and scientists to study biodeversity in Costa Rican waters.

 D/Y P2   Returns from Cuba
DISCOVERY Yacht  P2 was the first 
vessel to participate in the E3 Cuba Experience. Yacht Captain, crew, and 
guests enjoyed scuba diving, Cuban 
cuisine and sightseeing, while exploring 
and learning about Cuba's marine environment and conservation efforts.

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Recent Drifter Deployments

 D/Y P2 
D/Y  Amevi 
 D/Y  Morning Glory
 D/Y  Meduse
D/Y  Evviva

Need Vessels to Study Nassau Grouper Spawning
Once one of the most important fishery species in the Caribbean, grouper populations have since declined dramatically due to overfishing. A more improved fishery management plan needs to be implemented to save the Nassau Grouper. Travel with us to a remote Bahamian location and participate in one, two or three spawning events. Using SCUBA and a submersible, be a part of the team and capture footage and collect data to analyze the requirements and success of these important events.

Shark Population Studies
Globally, shark and ray populations are diminishing.  Global FinPrint aims to conduct surveys on coral reefs using baited remote underwater video to fill in the missing information about the decline of shark populations.
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Manta Ray Research

A vessel is needed for a manta ray expedition in the Revillagigedo Archipelago region with departure and arrival from Cabo San Lucas. The goal is to further research on manta ray populations and uncover information on migratory patterns.

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Continued program growth depends on the support of generous donors who believe in SeaKeepers' efforts to create further connections between yachting and scientific communities, which will lead to an expanded, more educated yachting population around the world.  SeaKeepers is offering unique sponsorship and naming opportunities to directly support 2016 programming.

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