Scientist-Led Expedition
On June 2, fifteen boys from the nonprofit Tasek Jurong Limited came aboard D/Y Paraffin to learn about marine science and research diving with SeaKeepers Asia.
Scientist-Led Expedition
The  Consortium for Advanced Research on Transport of Hydrocarbons in the Environment (CARTHE) of UM completed drifter deployments on D/Y Shredder of Fleet Miami.
Scientist-Led Expedition
Beneath the Waves and SeaKeepers spent three days conducting research and deploying 36 BRUVs aboard D/Y Shredder of Fleet Miami.
Citizen Science Expedition
SeaKeepers participated in the Biscayne Bay Water Watch (BBWW) program by UF/IFAS and collected water samples aboard D/Y Timely Sale.
  Community Outreach Event
SeaKeepers Asia joined a number of local groups to participate in Our Singapore Reefs: Marine Clean Up and Coral Rescue in conjunction with World Oceans Day.
Through The Porthole

Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus)
The whale shark is the largest fish in the sea, reaching lengths greater than 40ft.  Using its massive mouth, the filter feeder collects plankton from the water column.  These docile creatures tend to be found in warmer, tropical seas and are able to migrate great distances in search of food.  Photo Credit: Tyler Sclodnick
Founders 2017 - November 2nd 
SeaKeepers is proud to work with a dedicated group of yacht owners and their captains to conserve, educate and research. Our 2016-2017  DISCOVERY Yacht fleet will be recognized.
Xavier Cortada's Florida is…
Join us on Wednesday, September 13th at 6pm at the Gallery at Pinecrest Gardens for the opening of SeaKeepers' 2017 Artist of the Year Xavier Cortada’s Florida Is... exhibit
In The Loop

SEVENSEAS Magazine featured SeaKeepers in July 2017 edition article "SeaKeepers Asia June Expeditions" 
The Royal Gazette featured SeaKeepers in June 2017 edition article "Skinner humbled by SeaKeepers award"
LUXUO Magazine featured SeaKeepers in June edition article "Our Singapore Reefs: Marine Clean Up and Coral Rescue" featured SeaKeepers in June 2017 article "SeaKeepers Honours Wendy Schmidt at SeaKeepers Bermuda 2017"
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Request For Proposals
SeaKeepers is looking for high impact projects that support our mission, foster scientific collaboration and stimulate further exploration and research. Guidelines for Scientist-Led and Educational Outreach expeditions are outlined HERE
Captain's Corner 
World Fuel Services | Yacht Solutions

Victoria Williams, Manager of World Fuel Services yacht Solutions, has relocated from London to Gibraltar along with some key members of her team. With over 25 marine offices around the world, World Fuel Services Yacht solutions is best placed to supply fuel globally. Being based on the North Mole in Gibraltar gives the team the opportunity to meet all of their customers as they enter the Mediterranean.

Services in Gibraltar include:
  • Multiple vessel refuelling at the same time, meaning no lengthy wait times
  • Ex-pipe deliveries 
  • Shell lubricants 
  • Delivery of Jet A1 aviation fuel
  • Excellent vehicular access to the dock meaning on board provisions and freshwater can be completed directly from the birth
  • Gibraltar airport is less than 3km away

Put simply, World Fuel Services do the hard work so you don’t have to. They supply the fuel you need, on time and at the right location. To discuss your fuelling needs in Gibraltar and beyond, contact Victoria Williams a +350 5600 1344 or visit our website .
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