Scientist-led Expedition
SeaKeepers traveled to Rose Island, Bahamas in May on DISCOVERY Yacht Marcato with Dr. Austin Gallagher to conduct shark tagging. Additionally, Dr. Brennan Phillips of the University of Rhode Island conducted deep underwater camera drops to film the ocean floor at depth of 1,300 meters.
Citizen Science
SeaKeepers Asia celebrated 2018 World Oceans Day and the International Year of the Reef by hosting an underwater cleanup dive. 18 volunteer divers collected and documented marine debris found within the Sisters’ Islands Marine Park on June 10 th .
Scientist-led Expedition
Researchers from the University of Washington deployed Deepgliders from the DISCOVERY Yacht Mystique. The team traveled to Chub Cay, Bahamas for deployment in June.
Educational Outreach
SeaKeepers hosted 100 students from Epiphany Catholic School for a lesson given by the Miami Seaquarium about the physiological and genetic adaptations of sharks and dolphins.
SeaKeepers 20th Anniversary Celebration
SeaKeepers hosts its 20th anniversary of Founders on November 1st, 2018 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida during the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. More information coming soon!
SeaKeepers Asia Awards 2018
SeaKeepers Asia hosted the Asia Awards Dinner 2018 at ONE°15 Marina Club in Singapore on April 13 th . This is the third year for the Asia Awards Dinner, which is hosted every year by Julian Chang, SeaKeepers Asia's Board Chair, and his wife Sandra . Learn More
In The Loop
Vixen Charter Vessel Awarded!
Vixen received the Best Sailboat Award from the Antique and Classic Boat Society, Chesapeake Bay Chapter. The award was given at the 31st Annual Antique and Classic Boat Festival 2018 on June 18th.
Learn more about vessels for charter here.
Through The Porthole
Beluga Whale ( Delphinapterus leucas )
The beluga whale is a bright white marine mammal that lives in the subpolar and polar waters above the Arctic Circle. They are known for their loud, clear vocalizations. Often their “singing” can be heard above the ocean surface by people in boats or onshore! Belugas feed in coastal waters during the summer and near the ice edge during the winter. Sadly, due to climate change and pollution, their polar habitats and the Arctic ecosystem, in general, are rapidly changing. Scientists have identified beluga whales as threatened near extinction.
Media Partners Spotlight
ECO Magazine: For the World's Ocean and Coastal News
ECO is a leading international marine science magazine for scientists, industry professionals and societies interested in global ocean and coastal issues. With the help of experts and thought-leaders, the magazine provides insight through a mix of in-depth articles, analytics, and news published online and in print, six times a year.
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