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2020 Singapore Yacht Show &
SeaKeepers Asia Gala Event

SeaKeepers Asia will host their annual recognition dinner, themed What a Wonderful World in Singapore on Friday, March 20th.

This event is by invitation only. For details or RSVP, please contact Gail.Tay@SeaKeepers.org.
Cocktail Party Aboard

Fleet Miami and SeaKeepers have collaborated to host a cocktail party during the first night of the Miami International Boat Show on February 13 th . Celebrating our organizations accomplishments within the yachting industry at one of the largest annual boat shows of the year.

This event is by invitation only. For details or RSVP, please contact Tony@SeaKeepers.org.
Scientist-Led Expedition

Aboard DISCOVERY Yacht Cuvier, the International SeaKeepers Society teamed up with the University of Miami's Shark Research and Conservation Program and Arizona State University's Sulikowski Shark and Fish Research Lab for a historical shark tagging expedition in Tiger Beach, Bahamas.

Citizen Science

On November 21 st , SeaKeepers teamed up with Florida International University to collect plastic samples for the S.A.R.A.H. Initiative. The outing was filmed for news coverage airing on NBC 6.

Citizen Science

On November 5 th -6 th , SeaKeepers teamed up with citizen scientists to participate in the UMT Ocean Monitoring Project, collecting data on microplastics along their sailing route.

Community Engagement

On November 17 th , SeaKeepers hosted the Alexander Montessori School for a beach clean up on Key Biscayne. A total of 154 volunteers attended and removed 200 pounds of trash.

Community Engagement

On September 10 th , SeaKeepers teamed up with the Gili Shark Conservation Project, to restore damaged coral reefs around the Gili Islands in Indonesia.

SeaKeepers Spotlight
Sobrato Foundation Fundraising Impact

Thank you for your investment in our mission and the future of our oceans.

On behalf of the International SeaKeepers Society, we thank the John A. and Susan Sobrato Foundation for their matching pledge support to our annual appeal. Their contribution has allowed us to double our impact to $11,350 which will go towards beach cleanups and single-use plastic alternative kits.
SeaKeepers Community Engagement has been more successful than ever with a total of 1,728 pounds of trash collected to date and 496 volunteers who have come out to clean up their local beaches during our monthly beach clean ups. We've fortunately partnered with organizations like Debris Free Oceans, Fill A Bag, VolunteerCleanup.org and Campbell's.

If you're interested in sponsoring our upcoming beach clean ups or hosting a cleanup for your school, business or organization, please contact Ariel@SeaKeepers.org.
In the Loop
Miami International Boat Show

On February 13 th -17 th , the Miami International Boat Show will take place at the Miami Marine Stadium. SeaKeepers will be joining Florida International University at an exhibition booth to spread our message on the mission of our organization and our DISCOVERY Yachts Program alongside our partners. Swing by and find out how to get more involved in our SeaKeepers initiatives.
Through the Porthole
Manta Ray (Manta birostris)

"Manta," Spanish for "cloak" refers to their large blanket-shaped bodies. The manta ray is striking in its appearance with its black and white coloration and enormous size. They're nicknamed 'Devil Rays' for their horns, which are actually extensions of the fins that help to funnel plankton into their mouths. The wingspan of a manta can reach 20 or more feet across and they weigh as much as 3,000 pounds. Unlike other rays, the manta, does not have a spine on its tail for defense. These majestic creatures can be found in tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide.
Members Only
New Year, New Membership Program!

SeaKeepers Membership Program will be launching a brand-new, restructured Program. Membership fuels the heart of our mission, the DISCOVERY Yachts Program. A program that facilitates research, exploration, and education at sea using private vessels for scientist-led expeditions, citizen science, community engagement and educational outreach events.

Every level of membership receives tailored benefits. From our SeaKeepers Kit with the ultimate guide to reducing your daily consumption of single-use plastics and access at our social events and DISCOVERY Yacht expeditions.