July 10th, 2020
Seabrook Island Club Update:
As with many other businesses, we continue to experience COVID-related staff shortages due to those that are waiting to be tested, waiting for test results, and those that are uneasy about coming to work amidst the pandemic.  While we have had positive cases previously at the Racquet Club and pools, we have not yet had a positive case in our dining operation. However, there is no end in sight to this ebb and flow of staff, making it impossible to staff our operations, particularly our dining operation, on a consistent basis. 
Due to the staff shortage from COVID-related issues, the Pelican's Nest will be closed on Mondays, beginning this Monday, July 13th, until further notice, but will maintain the normal 11:00 am - 9:00 pm hours of operation Tuesday - Sunday.  Our team is committed to maintaining our dining hours of operations to the fullest possible extent, with the safety of our employees, members, and guests as the top priority.  An overview of the current food and beverage hours of operation is below.
We greatly appreciate your kind understanding during this challenging time.  When cases in our local area decrease and our staffing shortages improve, we will work to return to full hours at the Pelican's Nest. However, due to the unpredictability of the pandemic, we are not able to provide you with any firm dates or timelines at this time.

  Sunday          Monday       Tuesday        Wednesday      Thursday       Friday         Saturday
Locker Room        Closed          8am-5pm    8am-5pm       8am-5pm         8am-5pm       8am-5pm    8am-5pm
Pelican's Nest      11am- 9pm    Closed        11am- 9pm    11am- 9pm      11am- 9pm    11am- 9pm  11am- 9pm
Osprey CafĂ©         8am-9pm      8am-9pm    8am-9pm       8am-9pm         8am-9pm       8am-9pm     8am-9pm
Pool Bar Service 11am-4pm    11am-4pm   *11am-4pm   *11am-4pm     *11am-4pm     11am-4pm     11am-4pm

  *Bar Service Only Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Pelican's Nest Members' Night Message:
Each Tuesday and Thursday evening from 5:00-9:00 the Pelicans' Nest is reserved for Seabrook Island Club Members, with reservations available. Please understand that we are prone to evening rain showers and only 40% of our seating is covered.  This means that while we are often full with reservations, we can lose up to 60% of our seating capacity without any rain back-up whatsoever.  This has become a more common occurrence recently and we have had many members that have been frustrated by this take their frustrations out on our staff. Please understand that these elements are beyond our staff's control and there simply is not enough room under the covered area to accommodate everyone. Unfortunately, there is an inherent risk in an outdoor restaurant setting and we ask for your patience and kind understanding when the weather creates these complications.