Seafarmers Newsletter
August 2022
Aquaculture Regulatory Review Public Consultation
Earlier this month, the Nova Scotia government asked for input on aquaculture regulations in the province. Public consultation is open from August 9 to September 6, and they have requested that anyone interested to respond to a survey.

It's important for everyone take part in this survey to ensure a greater, more sustainable future for our industry. You can find the link below.
The Sea Farmer is coming this fall!
As October approaches, we draw closer to our conference AND The Sea Farmer Magazine! We've got eight great articles in store for you this year that we hope you're as excited to read as we are to share.

We'll be releasing the issue just ahead of the Conference, and we'll be keeping the cover under wraps until then. Stay tuned!
Ocean Startup Challenge
The application deadline for the Ocean Startup
Challenge is just a few weeks away! If you have
an idea/early stage ocean tech startup, and are
looking to grow your business, apply to the
Challenge before Sept. 1 at 11:59pm ADT.

Up to $40,000 in awards, plus incredible
business support like guidance and mentorship
from industry experts like our Executives-in-Residence, networking, ocean-focused workshops, and so much more is up for grabs!

Visit the website below to learn more and apply before Sept. 1.
Proposed Changes to Aquaculture Barge Regulations
Currently, the requirements for inspecting, designing, constructing, equipping, and certifying aquaculture barges that carry or accommodate crew are outlined in 13 different regulations and standards made under the Canada Shipping Act. Transport Canada is proposing an alternative option to the design, construction, and safety equipment requirements outlined in six of them.

Until September 22nd, Transport Canada has opened their website as a space to share and recieve feedback on these changes. For more information, follow the link below.
Minister's & Seafarmers Conference Update
The Ministers and Seafarmers' Conference is still on track for October 12-13, 2022. There is still a couple of booths available if you are interested in a spot. Sponsorships are also available for purchase.

Check the link below for more information.
Some of the highlights of the conference can be found listed below.
State of the Sector- A Snapshot of Global Market and Economic Factors Influencing the Nova Scotia Seafood Industry
Keynotes John Sackton, Seafood Datasearch Market Consulting, and Dr. Sylvain Charlebois.
Dalhousie University Agri Foods analytics lab shares their valuable insights on the state of domestic and global seafood markets, noting trends and factors influencing the seafood sector as we transition to a post-pandemic world.

Nova Scotia’s Seafood Sector Economic Contribution Study: Overview 
The Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture and ACOA, in collaboration with the Nova Scotia Seafood Alliance, the Seafood Producers Association of Nova Scotia, and the Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia, have commissioned a report to profile the economic, social and environmental contribution of the seafood sector and how it has evolved and modernized over time. Join us for an overview of this important initiative.

Investing in Nova Scotia Seafood: Panel Discussion
As our seafood sector evolves to adapt to challenges of today and tomorrow, industry is constantly exploring new investment opportunities. Join our panel of local seafood companies as they discuss investment potential in the Nova Scotia seafood sector and share thoughts on their own growth strategies.

Embracing Seafood Traceability and Digitization to Improve Market Access and Compliance
New regulations from several Nova Scotia primary export markets are requiring more stringent, streamlined, and digitized means to achieve smooth transition of data through the supply chain. This session will highlight the unique challenges and creative solutions surrounding traceability in the seafood sector and discuss a roadmap to achieve end-to-end traceability in Nova Scotia.

The Blue Economy: A Global Perspective 
Take a "world tour" as experts from Norway, the United States, the Caribbean and Seychelles discuss the latest progress and developments with Blue Economy strategies for the seafood industry growth in their countries. 
Local Seafood Recipe
Grilled Oysters & Garlic Parmesan
Maybe this is a biased opinion, but there are very few savory dishes that enough garlic and cheese can't make better. So, it only makes sense that accentuating something that's already good (grilled oysters) can only be improved through the same method.

Next time you're something simple, consider these delicious shellfish, courtesy of D'Eon Oysters' recipe section.
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