Your Seafood Update
July 8th - July 13th
Featured Fish
Fresh Yellowfin Tuna
Caribbean | cut from 20-39 lb. fish or 40-59 lb. fish

Tuna's in various sizes are coming in fresh all week, and are graded in-house to ensure quality. Prices are fantastic thanks to our rockstar procurement team getting as close to the source as possible, and leveraging the long-standing relationships with our fishermen and fishery partners.
Spotlight Items!
Fresh Scottish Salmon
Faroe Islands - Farm Raised | 15-17 lb. fish

This high-end salmon impresses from appearance to taste. The delicately cut fillets run on average 5lb. each. A great year-round product for your menu.

Fresh Medium Flounder
East Coast | cut from 1-2 lb. fish

With overall supplies down and prices up, we are working hard to keep Flounder in stock at the sharpest price possible. Chat with your account rep to learn more.

Fresh Grouper
Caribbean | Fillets cut from 3-5 lb. or 5-8 lb. fish
Fresh Groupers hit the deck today with more coming in throughout the week. Quality has been outstanding on these fish.

Seahog Oysters
Eastern Shore, VA | 100 ct.

A fantastic float grown oyster from the Eastern Shore. These oysters are cocktail sized and pack a lot of flavor.

Live Middleneck Clams
Eastern Shore, VA

Our live middleneck clams come straight from the harvest point to our facility under temperature controlled transportation, and distributed directly to our customers.

Blue Crab Roe
Virginia | 1 lb. Cups

Our frozen Blue Crab Roe is a popular item for she-crab soups and other applications. This is a local product that is frozen fresh.

Gulf Shrimp
USA - Frozen | All sizes and types

 We carry all sizes and types of frozen gulf shrimp. From whites to browns, to shell-on and shell-off, we got you covered. Get in touch with your account rep for more info.

Fresh Squid
Rhode Island, USA | 10 lb. tub

Squid Rings only or Rings & Tents straight from the source are received into our facility multiple times a week to ensure freshness and quality.

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