June 15th, 2020
By Jeff Adair, Editor

An inventory control Vending solution form  Seaga’s Intelligent Inventory Control   (IIC) division being used by Grainger to pitch in and help the Chicago Cubs maximize limited storage space at historic Wrigley Field by strategically controlling critical inventory and improving ordering efficiency close to where items are used within the confines of Wrigley Field.

To see a video of how Seaga’s IIC machines work for Grainger and the Chicago Cubs click here.

According to Seaga, the IIC vending solution helps customers, such as Grainger and the Cubs, eliminate human error from stock control. The solution creates a usage-based environment that can reduce waste and increase productivity by allowing the Cubs to stock what they need when they need it.

The Grainger-labeled KeepStock vending solution, which is manufactured by Seaga, holds various supplies secure until they are needed. Built on the IIC SightGuar and Guardian platforms, the industrial vending solutions are outfitted with LED lighting, have check-in/check-out capabilities and a cloud-based software package which integrates with reporting features.   

Are you searching for solutions that you can use for gaining greater control over your product inventories while also offering your customers more interactive options when they are ordering from your vending machines?  If so, the  U-Select-It iCart  may be a solution that you should consider.
How Does The U-Select-It iCart Work?

With the iCart, by U-Select-It, you will have the ability to easily manage your product inventory by creating individualized or standard product planograms for each vending machine that you own.

Besides having the ability to create specialized product planograms, you also have the ability to add or change product information, promotions and advertising content on each machine, or create five different combinations per machine.

Are you interested in taking your vending route into the 21st Century? If so, having touchscreen vending machines is the way to go and  ARS Systems  offers a wide variety of touch screen vending machines for you to choose from. 

ARS touchscreen vending machines will enable you to offer your vending customers the technology that they want while also giving you the ability to conveniently expand your vending route and manage it from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

ARS Touch Store

With the ARS Touch Store, you’re not just getting one vending, you’re actually getting two machines, and this will give you the ability to have more inventory space to serve the needs of your vending customers. 

Are you thinking about buying a new fridge for your Micro Market? If so, why not consider purchasing the Silkron Smart Fridge

Following the “Grab and Go” concept, this fridge makes it possible for you to offer your customers an easy way for them to conveniently buy the products that they want 24-7.

How Does the Silkron Smart Fridge Work?

In today's busy world, it makes sense for a Micro Market to have the most convenient fridge so that customers can get the products that they need as quickly as possible, especially since time is of an essence, and many people have just minutes for their lunch or breaks at work.

What's great about the Silkron Smart Fridge is that all a customer has to do to get the foods or beverages that they want from the fridge is to first download the Vendron GO App on their phone.

After downloading the app, the next step is for the customer to scan the QR code on the fridge, this opens the fridge door, and also enables the customer to touch the item that they want to purchase, and remove it from the fridge.

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