Just One Month Left!
Just one month from today on AUGUST 1, 2020 @ 7:00 PM EDT you'll be watching the first-ever Seagle Virtual Gala. This live-streamed event will be filled with musical performances by Seagle alumni and past Gala Honorees.

To help you prepare to watch, we've assembled some FAQ's about the event:

Q: How do I watch?
A: The Seagle Virtual Gala will be live-streamed simultaneously on our YouTube Channel and our Facebook Page . To ensure you can easily access the live-stream, we suggest you go to our YouTube Channel and click 'subscribe' , and make sure that you have 'liked' our Facebook Page .

Q: Do I need special equipment to watch?
A: No. You'll be able to watch from any device or screen that can access YouTube or Facebook. That could be your computer, Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast or even your phone. For best viewing and listening, we suggest watching on a device that can play on good speakers or headphones so you can get the best sound from the voices of our amazing alums.

Q: Is there anything I should do in advance?
A: If you'd like to watch the live-stream on a device you don't typically use for watching videos on YouTube, (like your Smart TV), we suggest you try to get to our YouTube channel and watch one of the clips of past shows that are available there.

Q: How will I make a donation while I'm watching the Virtual Gala
A: The Seagle Virtual Gala will be our largest fundraising event of the year, so we'll be requesting donations and giving you updates on our progress throughout the night. So that you don't have to stop watching and listening to the singing, we'll be supplying information during the event on how you can text to donate . So, we suggest you plan to watch the event on a device other than your phone, so you can use it to make donations and support Seagle Music Colony. And have your credit/debit card ready!

Q: Will I be able to interact with the live-stream?
A: Yes! As we are streaming the event to you, you'll be able to send us comments through Facebook, or YouTube. We'll do our best to acknowledge as many comments as we can during the event.

Producers - $5,000
Frank & Carol Herbst
Bill & Judy Klitgaard
Kempton & Nancy Smith

Directors - $2,500
Nick DeFlora & Amy Foy
Joel Friedman
John & Sharon Hieber
Phyllis & Marty Korn
Dick & Joan Lomnitzer
Peter Scott Oberdorf
Lisa Reid
Joseph Steiniger & Mary McDonald
John & Rosemarie Trainer

Singers - $1,250
James & Judy Allison
Seth & Margo Bader
Frank & Linda Cappabianca
Laurence & Karen Meltzer
Ann Breen Metcalfe

Gala Soloists (Above, l-r, top-bottom) Vanessa Becerra, David Blalock, Ryan Bowie, Seth Carico, Hailey Clark, Eryn LeCroy, Alicia Olatuja, Sean Panikkar, Ava Pine, Reggie Smith Jr.