Seaweeds and seagrasses have potential to mitigate some effects of ocean acidification, ac cording to a new report presented to the California state legislature.

New extension specialist brings aquaculture expertise to Monterey

Luke Gardner has joined California Sea Grant as an Aquaculture Specialist with its extension program.

Study of mollusk epidemic could help save endangered sea snail

In a new study funded by California Sea Grant, researchers shed new light on withering syndrome in red, pink and pinto abalone.

Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program Evaluation Report

The report, coordinated by California Sea Grant, will help guide the California Department of Fish and Wildlife on deciding the future of the program.

Tasty and pink, sea urchin species may be a climate-tolerant food source

A hardy urchin species shows potential to relieve pressure on more vulnerable species, according to new research by California Sea Grant-funded scientists.

Model weighs trade-offs for sustainable ocean development

A novel marine spatial planning strategy models trade-offs and opportunities for aquaculture development in California.
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