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Faith Aloud is under attack from Sean Hannity,
Focus on the Family, and many others! 
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"Restoring My Spirit"
A very special day for women who have had an abortion.  Activities include a 90-min. healing yoga session. 
In the St. Louis area.  Contact for registration.
Attending CLPP, NAF, or ACN conferences?  Be sure to visit the Faith Aloud table!
Friday, May 4
Eden Theological Seminary
Cost $30


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Friends of Faith Aloud   

Faith Aloud is currently under an aggressive assault by Sean Hannity, Focus on the Family, World Magazine,, the Liberty Council, and other anti-choice organizations after an abortion clinic in California began sharing our "40 Days for Prayer". As a result, the Faith Aloud office has been inundated with interviews with anti-choice media outlets and harassing calls from their constituents.

As annoying and unproductive as these communications are, there is a way you can help! In solidarity with the Six Rivers Planned Parenthood of California, whose use of Faith Aloud's "40 Days for Prayer" campaign lasts throughout the month of April, Faith Aloud is launching a "Hate-Into-Love" campaign:

From now until April 27, you can pledge any dollar amount for each anti-choice phone call, email, and tweet directed at Faith Aloud! Daily updates will be posted on Facebook and Twitter, and of course, you're allowed to cap your donation (because we don't know where this is leading!).

We'll be tweeting to these anti-choice organizations: "Thanks for fundraising for Faith Aloud! Every caller you send our way earns us more money to spread God's love to women!"

On April 28, we will release the total number of anti-choice contacts we received and then you will be able to make your donation.  Not only will we beat them at their media game, but you will have helped Faith Aloud grow even stronger under this national media scrutiny.

Here's what to do:  Just send us an email.  Put "Pledge" in the subject line.  In the body write "I pledge $X per hostile contact.  (Max. $XXX)"  We'll keep a record and send you an email at the end of the month.

It IS possible to turn all of this negative attention into something productive and positive for women's choices! Please pledge now to give for every harassing contact made through April 27 and let's end the religious stigma of abortion together!

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