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July 29, 2015

Every workday should start this way
A xxxxxx In The Woods

Duty calls and we were on our way through the North Georgia mountains yesterday in search of a big canoe in the woods... Big Canoe country club that is. You see while talking with a good friend of mine last week, Mxxxx of xxlinkxxxx about the 2015 launch of a few new service offerings (tile & grout restoration and color sealing), she made the suggestion that I take a trip up there to have a look... that just maybe I quite possible could provide an intermediate solution for them until their scheduled demolition and renovation of the facilities in 2016. I jumped at the opportunity. 

We nailed it!
Test And Test And Test....Then Test Yet Again!

We showed up and after asking them a series of questions, surveying the area in question to determine the multitude of ingredients that wold comprise the surface "film" that had adhered to the tile surface, we began testing for cleaning agents and best sequence of applications to generate optimal results. After a few minutes, with just very little elbow grease...we struck gold! We found our secret sauce. I immediately retrieved our client who was blown away & asked that we send over a restoration quote posthaste. 

Shower Restoration cleaning
Shower Restoration Cleaning
Is it your turn?

Although it's true, that we may not get the pleasure of taking an early mornings picturesque drive through the north Georgia mountains for your tile and grout analysis, we still love to visit you for a no obligation in home grout analysis. Our restorative service works wonders on both tile floors as well as shower enclosures. Even if you just have questions, feel free to contact us. We're always here for you.
Grout Color Sealing
Grout Color Sealing

A Final Word Of Gratitude!
This opportunity wouldn't have presented itself were it not for my friend Marie. I've known Marie of
 for many years now. If you live northern Cobb, Cherokee, Fulton, Forsythe area you've undoubtedly come her company's advertising in one form or another over the years.

A great business owner, with great employees and a fantastic lady to boot. 

Should you ever be in need of house cleaning services, do give her office a call at 770-xxx-xxxx. They have 2015 specials starting at just $99.

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