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Since our launch two years ago, the mission of Searchlight New Mexico has been to write deeply about subjects that other media outlets had neither time nor resources to tackle. Our small staff of reporters, editors and photographers spent weeks and often months investigating systemic problems in our state.
In the last two weeks, the landscape around us has changed and we are changing with it. COVID-19 has gone from being a distant problem to one that threatens our very livelihoods and well-being. As more confirmed cases of the infection crop up across New Mexico each day, we must reevaluate the focus of Searchlight. 

As of this week, coronavirus is our focus.

We will examine the ability of a healthcare system already weakened through years of brutal budget cuts to respond to a new and virulent virus. We will produce stories about the impacts on New Mexico’s economy: the gas and oil industry, the tourism industry, the casinos, the cultural institutions. 

As we navigate these unprecedented times, we also hope through the power of photographs and storytelling to reflect the resilience of a state that has for centuries faced more than its share of challenges.

To accomplish all this, we need your help. If you have tips or ideas for stories, send us a message at . If you believe that something has been overlooked in the media’s coverage, call us. Our email addresses are easily accessible on our website, 

We hope you will make a habit of reading our stories about the far-reaching impacts of the coronavirus as it changes life here in New Mexico. And as you know, we make all our work available, free of charge, to every newspaper and media outlet in the state.  

We begin our coverage today with a first-person account by Christian Marquez, our director of operations, who is currently self-quarantined in his Albuquerque apartment. Read why, here.  

Stay well,

Sara Solovitch
Executive Director and Editor
Searchlight New Mexico
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