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January 12



     The Master Teacher reminded us of our oneness with the Divine when he said, "When you see me, you see the Father." And "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you." Your life is the Life of the One, Whole, Infinite Reality expressing Itself as the individualized being that is you. You are as inseparable from the ONE as your hand is inseparable from your body. Your hand is a way that you express and interact in the world, just as you are a way that the ONE expresses and interacts in the world.


     Part of the human condition is this sense of separation. Our senses and our science give us lots of evidence that this is true. But it is not true! The only thing you ever need to heal is your sense of separation-from others, from yourself, from the Divine. This is your true nature and the source of peace, power, and joy in your life.


Reflection: Contemplate your oneness-with all life and with the Divine.


Affirmation: I live in Oneness with all life. All sense of separation is an illusion of the finite mind. I sense and feel my connection with the whole!


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