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January 3

Choose One Thing


     What do you want to do, have, create, or experience this year? Take some time to really think about all the things you said you'd like to have different or to work on. Now pick the ONE thing you will focus on. Picking one thing that you really intend to change or one way you intend to grow this year keeps you from scattering your energy and becoming overwhelmed

by your own list. Staying focused on just ONE thing keeps you from frittering your energy away on trying to do all things all at once.


     Focused intention is the most powerful force in the Universe! It's like taking the spray nozzle on the garden hose and changing it from a light gentle misty rain that sort of goes everywhere to a powerful, intense stream of water that can peel the paint off your house or clean the dirt off your deck. Focusing on ONE thing narrows your intention and your time, energy, and commitment into a powerful force for change and growth.


Reflection: What ONE thing am I willing to commit to focus on this year?


Affirmation: I stay committed and focused to ONE thing this year, creating change and growth in my life in a powerful new way!


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