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January 2 

The Gift of Life
     Spirit has given you the greatest gift; it is the gift of your life. What you make of it is the gift you give back to Spirit! So, what are you doing with this gift? Are you living the life of your dreams? Look beneath the specific forms of your life, your job, car, house, or other material things to the quality and essence of your life. Is it fulfilling? Meaningful? Are you being Creative? Loving? Connected? Playful? Is your intelligence being stimulated and your passion kindled?
     Capture a new vision for your life. What needs to be changed, renewed, or created so that you experience the quality of life that you've always dreamed of? What does it feel like to be you, living inside your dream life? Remember, you are free to create your life any way you choose. Then know that the strength and intelligence of the Universe is on your side!
Reflection:  What kind of a life is my dream life if I were to describe it in qualities or experience, not in specific forms? How close am I to living that right now?
Affirmation:  I create a rich, meaningful, and fulfilling life for myself. The Universe supports me by taking care of how it manifests in form. 

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