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As my children begin their holiday, summer is officially here so let's take a look at seaside colour and how to make your home a beach paradise.


Of course you can incorporate this look into your home at any time of year to remind you of the good times and happy memories.   You don't need to save seaside colour for the summer months as it will create a stylish home all year around.


This week I was scouring the shops, with my daughter Eleanor, and there's loads of seaside inspiration so let's take a stroll and see how easy it can be to add seaside colour into your home.




With a seaside theme, the colours are usually dictated by the sea, the sky and the sand.... a sea green, sky blue and golden sand colour palette often balanced with neutral white.


When choosing a seaside colour for your home, consider the colours that you like and don't like.  


For example: I prefer the sea green colours instead of the sky blue colours.   That's not to say that I wouldn't incorporate some blue, I'd blend my seaside palette with soft blues tones and green-blue shades.     




Frequently, seaside accessories are neutral tones of white, cream, beige and sand.   To add interest to your seaside style, consider adding texture into your design for added interest and appeal.   Look for texture in shape or pattern.




Seaside style should be fun and remind you of happy holidays.   When choosing colour also consider items that remind you of those happy times spent with family and friends.  


Maybe a piece of art reminds you of the villa you stayed in, an anchor lamp to remind you of the pleasure boat, or even a vase from a local artist who made it by hand.


Colour, texture and style go hand in hand to create a design that you will love and treasure for many years.   It will be a design that will help you relax and unwind, it will remind you of holidays and it will bring the sunshine into your home.


If you're struggling to create a stylish home, 
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create you a home that's sunny all year around.


There's life in the old sea dog!


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