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Seaside Park Sandrunner
Riverside Signal
Scene Around Town: We're Open!
Businesses along Central Avenue (Route 35 to you, out-of-towner) have had to improvise with the sudden appearance of winding detours and sudden dead ends as its reconstruction continues. Here, angled parking has sprung up along the state highway south of 10th Avenue.
Seaside Park PTA Annual Egg Hunt

Photos courtesy PTA Treasurer Abby Yedman

The following is a report on the late February and two March mayor and council meetings of Seaside Park. The next edition of the Sandrunner will include a full April report.

Seaside Stopover Rock Festival Updates

Borough Administrator Bob Martucci updated the governing body and residents on the coming June 5th & 6th Gentlemen of the Road Stopover concert along the beachfront in Seaside Heights and how it will affect this borough.

Reporting that JAM Productions Ltd. representatives David Carlucci and an assistant stopped by borough hall, he stated that "this is a very large thing in scope and what we know, before we get to our parking lots, is they already leased or got permission to use all the Toms River high school lots, all the Toms River intermediate school lots, the county lots, 35 lots in Seaside Heights, some large lots in Ortley Beach and they are using the Toms River Regional Schools busing system."

"They plan the festival itself to sell out at 35,000 people, and that 17,000 to 17,500 of them will be bused in from these various areas," Mr. Martucci continued. "What they're asking the council to consider [is] the use of borough facilities - they're looking for lot one and lot two not as parking but a drop-off and pickup point for these buses as they bring these people in and basically shuttle them north."

"What we understand also is there's going to be checkpoints in Seaside Heights [for paid ticket owners] and that the boardwalk going north will be closed - Dupont Avenue is going to be where to enter the festival area," he added. "They're fencing off the beach in Seaside Heights."

The borough administrator noted that another meeting would occur with Seaside Park officials to give a more exact report on everything for the festival.

Mayor Robert Matthies stated the main stage was going to be set up on the south side of Casino Pier in Seaside Heights and that the entire boardwalk area will be off limits to the public because "they don't want [people] being able to walk on the boardwalk without tickets to see the concert."

Central Regional School District Litigation Drags On

Despite being ruled against in state superior court in 2013 from seeking to withdraw or dissolve the Central Regional School District due to the high cost per student as a result of the equalized property valuation basis for school funding, governing body members here expressed disgust at efforts by the Central Regional School District Board of Education to continue litigation that Councilwoman Gail Coleman stated Board President Robert Everett described in February as a response to continued "schemes" against the regional school district.

Reporting on a meeting between governing body members and members of the board of education there, Ms. Coleman stated Mr. Everett "was not very cooperative, he was very combative - he accused us of continuing some sort of scheme. I'm not aware of anything like that and took offense to that because I wasn't up here when [the dissolution lawsuits began, before Ms. Coleman was an elected official]. He claims he speaks for the entire board and they're going to continue to sue us with this lawsuit and we just got another lawsuit, so now we are continuing a battle that I don't understand and it's costing us approximately $100,000 to defend this plus our taxes that go over to pay their attorney that keeps filing this. We're going to have to continue to fight this, in my mind, frivolous lawsuit."

Ms. Coleman and other governing body members stated the school board was also disinterested in working together on much of anything brought up by Seaside Park that had nothing to do with the past or current lawsuits, causing further poor relations between the municipal and school officials.

Councilwoman Nancy Koury stated the municipal officials approached the school officials with a "positive attitude and to ask them to cease and desist to continue this lawsuit from 2009 that has been settled. [They said] absolutely not. That's all I can say - there are no plans, at least in the board president's eyes, that they would entertain anything like that because we are 'continuing to scheme' against Central Regional Schools and the school board."

"We cannot make any progress with that board or trying to make an amicable agreement as long as he's president," she continued, adding that Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen Amato was present at the meeting as well but "said very little."

Ms. Coleman added that Mr. Everett wanted the Seaside Park officials to instruct the Seaside Park Board of Education, which oversees the management of the kindergarten through 6th grade send-receive agreement, to form an agreement with Island Heights as he "wanted to stop the potential of the Lavallette send-receive agreement" that has since been voted on and approved. She noted that the borough council and school board are separate entities that cannot govern over each other.

"The board over there is being very adversarial to us," she continued, "so we have no choice but to defend and fight for the Borough of Seaside Park and its taxpayers, so it marches on."

"That's exactly what happened," agreed Borough Administrator Bob Martucci. "Within the first five minutes [Mr. Everett] derailed the whole thing. We didn't get past talking about why we're here and he said 'I really don't care why you're here - you people cost us this much money.' It was unbelievable... he didn't care about facts or what happened, he just wanted to talk about how Seaside Park schemes against Central Regional and is costing a lot of money."

He added that if Mr. Everett wanted to call the mayor, council and Seaside Park Board of Education trying "to bring Seaside Park a cost per student that's bearable, then call it a scheme but there's nothing illegal about it. Every parent has the right to send their child to a school they're willing to pay for."

"The most shocking thing, "said Council President Michael Tierney, was he said if he loses the appeals he's going to bring criminal charges against us and it was like yeah, okay."

Ms. Coleman stated she would continue to attend Central Regional Board of Education meetings to monitor the ongoing situation and report back to the governing body and Mr. Martucci stated the borough would continue to be interested to have negotiations for a solution to the school funding issue they have with the district.

Reached for comment on this story today, Mr. Everett responded via e-mail:

"Because there are continuing legal issues, I can not comment in detail at this time. However, the characterization that the meeting did not go well I would consider to be accurate. This has been a long and bitter battle, initiated and prolonged by [Seaside Park] that has cost taxpayers millions of dollars in their futile effort to circumvent state law and receive special treatment. They seemed quite surprised that [Central Regional] was not willing to just walk away with several issues still unresolved, to protect our district's students and tax payers from more wasted money. If they feel I am difficult to work with because I strongly advocated for the interests of our district, tax payers and students, then they better get used to it. I fully understand that government is the art of compromise and will always be willing to discuss the best interests of the school district I represent."

And in other news of the Seaside Park mayor and council:

Ice cream and water is expected to return to the beachfront for the 2015 season, according to Mr. Martucci, who reported that plans were worked out in the operations and finance meetings. Ms. Ligouri later reported that there will be four concession stands along the beach, and that "we haven't decided where they will be located but I'm happy to see we will have that on the beach for people."

The parking area between 7th and 8th avenues on Central Avenue (Route 35) would not be eliminated by the state reconstruction project following efforts by governing body officials to make the state department of transportation understand the importance of them for borough visitors plus overflow parking for firemen and court personnel and attendees. Mayor Matthies thanked former borough mayor, Alex Condos, for helping with some of the details of getting the spots saved.

Mayor Matthies reported that during a meeting with county engineering and road department officials in February he brought up the continued concern by borough officials with preventing flooding along the bayfront and hoped the issue will be given more attention in the near future.

Councilwoman Jean Contessa reported on continuing to work with the Environmental Advisory Committee as their liaison and that the group was "working very hard on" a Monarch butterfly station for the 14th Avenue bayfront and that she was "very excited to find out there are 12 pots being nurtured throughout the town with milkweeds already started."

North Bayview Avenue resident Shirley Kreszl brought up an idea to contact local high school art departments and potentially have a mural created at the bathhouse building on North Ocean Avenue to "snazzy it up a bit - some art students are really good and I think it may be a nice a nice to get students involved and get something looking a little better with a little color." Mayor Matthies stated that the Operations Committee would discuss the idea in their meetings and liaison, Ms. Koury, could report back on it.

Beautification Commitee member Sue Masoorli reported to the mayor and council a reminder that all memorial pavers at the marina clock have been sold out and no more will be available for residents to purchase.

Ms. Contessa stated that a shredding day provided by Ocean County for any area residents to have documents shredded and disposed of will take place on Saturday, August 29th at the borough recycling center.

Vintage Vignette: Golfland @ Funtown Pier, c.1960
Golfland at Funtown Pier, circa 1960, lit up and bustling at night. Later became what is now Funtown Park/Stevie D's Arcade. Photo from eBay.

Officials' Notes, Department Updates & Readers' Letters

Thomas A. Mathis Bridge Deck Replacement Project Information
Thomas A. Mathis Bridge during a late January 2015 snowstorm.
Courtesy the N.J. Department of Transportation

The existing Eastbound Mathis Bridge deck carrying Route 37 over the Barnegat Bay exhibits structural deterioration and the effects of aging. Route 37 is one of the main vehicular routes from several townships east of the Barnegat Bay to the mainland. It is also an emergency evacuation route off of the barrier islands. These shore resorts are important summer tourist destinations for the region and thus vital to the local economy. The NJDOT has coordinated the planning and timing of the proposed improvements with the community officials.

The Proposed Project
The proposed improvements to the Mathis Bridge include bridge deck replacement, safety improvements to the obsolete gates and railings, substructure and structural steel repairs, bearing replacement, minor painting, and mechanical/electrical upgrades to machinery/controls. The project will also include minor improvements to the bridge approach roadways, storm drainage system improvements, ITS improvements, bridge lighting, and fender repairs. The Mathis Bridge will be improved to provide 10-foot wide lanes.

There is no work on the westbound Tunney Bridge other than off-seasonal temporary traffic shifts during construction staging. A concrete movable construction barrier will separate traffic during the off season shifts as described below. Existing pedestrian access on the north sidewalk of Tunney Bridge will remain during the temporary traffic shift.

Navigation will be maintained throughout the construction, but without openings of the movable span, between early December and the end of March for three seasons.

Traffic/Construction Staging
Construction will be staged to maintain existing conditions during the peak summer season, with three travel lanes in both the westbound and eastbound directions from about May 1st through October 31st. The construction above deck is limited to November 1st to April 30th each year.

During each construction season, the Mathis Bridge will be closed to all vehicular traffic. All traffic will be shifted to the westbound Tunney Bridge, where two lanes will be maintained westbound and one lane eastbound - from west of Fischer Boulevard to east of Catalina Avenue.

Temporary crossovers will be constructed at either end to shift eastbound traffic to/from the Tunney Bridge. The existing access to the businesses along the southern side of Route 37 eastbound in Toms River will be maintained during construction. Additionally, the Douglas Street jughandle for left turn and through movements adjacent to the bridge will be maintained during construction. During off peak construction seasons, a minor detour, only for the right turn movement from the jughandle to eastbound traffic is required. A new traffic signal at the Douglas Street jughandle will be constructed.

There are no right-of-way acquisitions, public utilities are not impacted and environmental permits are not required.

Estimated Project Schedule
* Estimated Construction Start - UPDATE - November 2015
* Estimated Completion: Prior to Summer 2018

Web Site (Construction Updates, select Route 37)

For further information, please contact:
Denise Peck, Regional Manager
Office of Community and Constituent Relations

The annual drinking water quality report for Seaside Park has been filed for the 2014 testing period. It can be found by clicking here.

Free Public WiFi: Connect to "SSPFreeWiFi" on the beach and boardwalk between Decatur Avenue and N Street.

Upcoming Recreation Events

Open Recreation Center Play: Are you a borough resident with a child or grandchild between the grades of 1st through 8th? Sign them up for the Seaside Park Recreation Center. This after school program is for residents of Seaside Park and their guests Tuesday's and Thursday's 5 pm to 8 pm September 9th through May 21st at 37 J Street (located next to Tri-Boro First Aid). Fill out the form for Rec Center 2014-2015 here.
Bridge Club: Meets every Monday and Thursday from noon to 3 pm in borough hall. Space is limited so please contact the Recreation Department at or call (732) 793-3700.
Yoga & Zumba - returning later this year.

Club & Organization News

The  Seaside Park Business Association's Summer in the Park notes 53 days til the summer season!

March luncheon photo at Chris Roberts Italian Grille and Bistro by Joanne Vassallo.

The Seaside Park Lunch Bunch meets the last Wednesday of the month at a different pre selected restaurant It is a time for neighbors and friends to get together for friendly conversation and a lot of laughs. The next lunch bunch will be held April 29th at 12:30 pm in Serenity Cafe, Route 37, Toms River. Anyone interested in attending future meet ups, please contact

The Berkeley Striper Club continues into the new year - its 49th of surf fishing for striped bass - and can be found online at Membership is open to all and dues are $36 per year, due in March. In the club's April newsletter, President John Gillis reported the annual BSC Flea Market set a new record for monies raised, with all things coming out well for the club, from baked good and food sales, Berkeley tables, and the youth education fundraiser. Beyond this season, all plans point to the golden anniversary next year, for which the executive board is looking to create a committee for ideas on a celebration.

Consider joining the Seaside Park Yacht Club (SPYC) in 2015! From their website, "from May through October, you and your family can enjoy boating and the many social events our members sponsor. Club functions on weekends range from casual cookouts to gala formal dinner dances. Children are kept equally as busy with our popular Junior Sailing program and Friday afternoon activities such as canoeing, trips to the waterslide and horseback riding.
"SPYC offers numerous opportunities for sailors and boaters, including informal races at the club on Sundays and Wednesdays, competitive racing on Saturday through the BBYRA and other regattas, and informal cruises and events for sailors and boaters alike. The club also has a modern marina for members with slips ranging in size to over 60'.
"The Seaside Park Yacht Club is a great place to relax, meet new friends and enjoy all that summer has to offer." To learn more, contact Linda Frink via email at or phone at (732) 892-4634, or Kathy Buerle via email at or phone at (732) 223-1880.

The Seaside Park Beautification Committee, a "non-profit volunteer resident group committed to working with Borough Officials on identifying new projects designed to enhance the overall appearance of Borough properties through the utilization of community resources," recently completed the final payment for the clock on Marina Lawn to the borough, completing the full $25,500. Anyone interested in joining the committee can contact Denise Koury at

The first Kentucky Derby party, seen here in 2013, was well received and has resulted in a successful party each year since.

This Saturday, May 2nd from 4:30 to 7 pm the committee will host the 3rd Annual Kentucky Derby Fundraising Party at the Windjammer Motor Lodge, Central Avenue. Tickets are $20. Cash bar, Happy Hour drink specials and light fare available. Win-Place-Show for best hats. Door prizes! Checks payable to Seaside Park Beautification Committee or mail a donation to P.O. Box 84, Seaside Park, N.J. 08752. Tickets may also be purchased by calling Stefanik Realtors at (732) 793-0812 or Gail Coleman at (732) 830-4077.

Join the Sand Dollar Garden Club! Projects for members include planting of flowers and bushes, cleanup and weeding of selected areas, scarecrow decorating each October, holiday decorating each December plus dune plantings, assisting seniors create flower arrangements, fundraisers through poinsettia sale at the Tri-Boro First Aid Craft Fair! Members also appreciate guest speakers and trips to such places as the Sculpture Garden in Hamilton Township, Mercer County. Annual dues are $10 and meetings are held monthly from September to June, culminating in an annual June dinner. If interested, contact any of the following club officers: Eleanor Welch, (732) 830-0579; Barbara Lintus, (732) 793-8225; Barbara Greger, (732) 793-1503; and Patricia Moglia, (732) 250-6574.

Are you a member of a club, group or organization and want to get the word out about news, calls for action, programs and events and more? E-mail them to - anytime!
Police, Fire & First Aid Reports

New Volunteer CERT Team Recognized

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy in October 2012 and the boardwalk fire 11 months later, Seaside Park Chief Francis Larkin witnessed an interest by borough residents wanting to help out as much as possible.

"I really got to thinking that, you know, what we need is a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)," he said. "We need our own people to help us out in these situations that know Seaside Park and love Seaside Park like all of you do."

The CERT program, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), "educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help. CERT members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their community."

"During these situations we had such an outpouring from this community I had to post a person at the door to turn people away," the chief continued, adding that the department "needed all the help we could get" but did not have the ability to just accept help from non-emergency personnel. "So that's when again we all came together and said, 'We have to do something. We have to get this on the books and legitimize this service so they can help out when we do get in a time of need again."

Six residents signed up for the inaugural training classes, Chief Larkin stated, and between 10 and 20 more said they wanted to take the next training in the fall.

"They were very enthusiastic and all love this community. They all took it seriously and wanted to go out and do whatever they could because they love this area and love being here, and are also Neighborhood Watch members," he said. 


Seaside Park Police Department Updates

Seaside Park Police Chief Francis Larkin gave several updates from his department to the governing body, including:


Automobile license plate readers were installed on two patrol cars so that officers on duty can automatically scan vehicles for individuals with outstanding warrants, search for subjects of "Silver" alerts seeking missing persons - particularly senior citizens with dementia,  Alzheimer's disease or other mental disabilities - and more, including tracking people being monitored as part of drug surveillance operations. The scanners are tied in with the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office system and shortly after monitoring began the chief reported the borough already had some "happy customers - or not so happy customers" as a result.


The Seaside Park SPARK group that put on a dinner for residents at the Sawmill with Seaside Park PBA 182 is working on "other activities they want to do as we go through the spring and summer."


The borough joined other municipalities county-wide in passing an ordinance that will place requirements on holding items for ten day periods, recording identifications and linking into an electronic system to track individuals and goods sold to the shops as a way to track stolen property and prosecute perpetrators.


Interviews for Class I patrol officers for this summer concluded and the chief said of the 60 applications he would seek the top 15 to hire and send to the police academy for work over the summer season here.


Seaside Life 100 Years Ago

Read about life in the Seasides a century ago today. Use password 2315 and click the newspaper below to give it a go!


Sandy-Damaged Home Request for Demolition, Rebuild Relief



PLEASE TAKE NOTICE the undersigned has filed an alternative Development Application requesting approval and any and all variances and permits required to continue the use of a single family residence by demolishing the existing flood damaged structure and replacing the home with new construction to comply with FEMA and New Jersey flood regulations for the AE Zone. Applicant seeks relief under N.J.A.C. 7:13-7.2 (a)3, (a)4, (b)9 or 7:13-9.

This property has previously received Zoning Board approval as memorialized in ZBA-12-07 for the construction of a single family residence containing a footprint or building envelope which exceeds the proposed footprint of the current application for development.

The property fronts three streets; Bayview Avenue, Barnegat Avenue and 8th Avenue.

Applicant seeks the following variances:

Lot Area: 5,000 sq. ft. required, 4,942 sq. ft. provided.

Lot Depth: 100 feet required, 41.18 feet provided.

Front yard setbacks: 15 feet required, At Barnegat Ave, 0.8 feet proposed while 0.7 feet is the existing condition and was previously approved. At Bayview Ave, 8.1 feet is proposed while 7.2 feet is the existing condition and was previously approved. 46.0 Front yard setback is proposed at 8th Ave.;

Side yard setback: 4 feet required 5.4 feet proposed, 5 feet previously approved (south property line).

Building height 31.81 foot maximum, 29.78 feet proposed.

Applicant is seeking to construct an Air Conditioning platform on the north side and a JCP&L meter platform on the south side of the home within the front yard setback at Barnegat Ave. 0.8 feet is proposed for both platforms matching the proposed dwelling setback. Side setback relief is requested for the JCP&L meter platform 4 feet required; 1.4 feet requested.

In order to access the home with a first floor elevation of 14.9 feet the applicant is seeking relief to construct a stairway within the front yard setback at Bayview Ave;10 feet required; 6.7 feet proposed.

The applicant seeks permission to exceed the permitted area for the stairway within the set back area, 50 square feet permitted; 65.6 square feet proposed.

Applicant seeks relief from Section 200-40E to reconstruct the previously existing 3 foot high picket fence at its previous location within the public right of way.

Applicant seeks relief from Section 200-46G(3)(a) to construct a home with a first floor elevation of 14.9 feet rather than at the 10 foot elevation requirement.

Applicant further seeks relief to construct a new home with approx. 3,103 sq. ft. of living space when the previous home contained approx. 2,476 sq. ft.

Applicant will comply with Building coverage, Lot coverage and Floor area ratio requirements of the Zone.

The applicant seeks permission to construct one residential driveway with access onto Bayview Avenue.

The premises is located at 810 South Bayview Avenue Seaside Park, New Jersey, and designated on the Seaside Park Tax Map as Block 13 Lot 2. The Development Application and supporting Documents are available for review Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm in the Municipal Offices located at 1701 North Ocean Avenue, Seaside Park. Applicant intends to commence construction upon receipt of all final approvals and permits, and complete the same without undue delay. A hearing on this Development Application before the Seaside Park Planning Board will be held during the meeting scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm on April 28, 2015 in the second floor meeting room located at Sixth and Central Avenues, Seaside Park, at which time interested parties may comment on the application.

Submitted by Edwin F. Hann III and Carol Freeman Hann 1148 Kirkwood Gibbsboro Road Voorhees, New Jersey 08043


Sandy-Damaged Home Seeks Bulk Variance




Development Application Hearing Notice

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE the undersigned has filed a Development Application requesting approval and Variance to:

1418 Lake Avenue and "O" Street Seaside Park, 08752

Block: 74 Lot: 9

Residential single family home.

File: HSSP0074.05

Bulk Variance Request

The Development Application and supporting documents are available for review Monday through Friday between hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm in the Municipal Offices located at 1701 North Ocean Avenue, Seaside Park, NJ. A hearing on this Development Application before the Seaside Park Planning Board will be held during the meeting scheduled to begin at 7:00pm on April 28, 2015, in the 2nd Floor Meeting Room located at Sixth and Central Avenues, Seaside Park, NJ, at which time interested parties may comment on this Development Application.

Description: Home damaged during Storm Sandy. Since storm, home has been raised in compliance with the FEMA Flood Elevations. Bulk variance is being requested for entry deck and stairs to the elevated dwelling. Proposed raised deck and stairs would be 4 feet wide and extend along most of the front fa?ade of dwelling along Lake Avenue with a landing and stairs along the "O" Street dwelling fa?ade approximately 8 feet. The proposed deck and stairs will encroach into front yard(corner lot) setbacks. Requesting bulk hardship variance for following and all other relief, variances and /or waivers which may be required: a. Section 200-67E(1)(c)(4). Minimum front yard setback is 15', 2.8 feet is proposed to the front entry raised deck along Lake Avenue and 7.7 feet is proposed along "O" street for same. Existing nonconformities of 6.8 and 11.6 feet respectively to dwelling. b. Variance necessary for following: Section 200-67E (1) (b) (7) - Unroofed porches stoops, stairways and other access structures which exceed 8 inches in height above grade attached to and constructed to the entry way of a principal structure may project into required setback areas. (corner lot) c.Following existing condition nonconformities would remain same. a.Section 200-67E(1)(C.)(1) - Minimum 5,000 s.f.; 2,600 s.f. provided. b.Section 200-67E(1)(C.)(2) Minimum lot width required is 50 ft., 40 ft. is provided. c.Section 200-67E(1)(2)(a) Minimum side yard setback for a lot less than 5,000 s.f. in area shall be 4 ft., 3.9 ft. provided.


Boro Council Resets Meeting Schedule for 2015



Re-Scheduled Notice of Meetings

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to the New Jersey Open Public Meetings Act, N.J.S.A. 10:4-6 et seq. that the Mayor and Borough Council have amended and re-scheduled their meeting dates for 2015 as follows:

The following Work Sessions (beginning at 7:00 p.m.) and Regular Meetings (beginning at 7:00 p.m.) is hereby amended for 2015 as follows:



Thursday, May 14 Thursday, May 28

Thursday, June 11 Thursday, June 25

Wednesday, July 9 Thursday, July 23

Thursday, August 13 Thursday, August 27

Thursday, September 10 Thursday, September 24

Thursday, October 8 Thursday, October 22

Thursday, November 12 Monday, November 23

Thursday, December 10 Monday, December 21


Meetings will be held in the Borough Council Meeting Room located at Sixth & Central Avenues, Seaside Park. Official action may be taken at any work session and/or regular meeting. Resolutions may be adopted at the Work Sessions and Regular Meetings providing for the Mayor and Borough Council to exclude the public and meet in Executive (Closed) Session in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Law. Resolutions may be adopted at these Work Sessions and Regular Meetings canceling or re-scheduling any of these meetings provided that adequate notice is given in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Law. The Municipal Clerk is hereby directed to post a copy on the bulletin board maintained for such purpose in the Borough Hall and to forward copies of the required rescheduled annual notice to the Asbury Park Press, the Star-Ledger, and to any individuals providing self-addressed stamped envelopes for such purpose.

Karen Barna Borough Clerk


Subdivision Sought





PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the undersigned has filed a Development Application requesting approval and, if necessary, variances for: minor subdivision to consolidate Lots 15, 27, and 28, Block 9, into one (1) lot and to maintain two (2) curb cuts (driveways) on 175' of frontage on Thirteenth Avenue in violation of Ordinance 20-67E(9)(c) at the premises located at 1215 South Ocean Avenue and 12 Thirteenth Avenue and designated on the Seaside Park Tax Map as Block 9, Lots 15, 27 and 28. Applicant is also seeking any and all other variances and waivers as may be required.

The Development Application and supporting documents are available for review Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. in the Municipal Offices located at 1701 North Ocean Avenue, Seaside Park. A hearing on this Development Application before the Seaside Park Planning Board will be held during the meeting scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. on April 28, 2015 in the 2nd Floor Meeting Room located at Sixth and Central Avenues, Seaside Park, at which time interested parties may comment on this Development Application.