Seaside acquires revolutionary 4k technology
Only ASC in SWFL to have it in place

Seaside Surgery Center and the Arthrex® Corporation have joined forces to bring to our patients the most advanced imaging system for arthroscopic evaluation and treatment of joint conditions currently on the market.

The  Synergy UHD4™ system has revolutionized the available technology with the introduction of a system with four times the resolution of 1080p HD providing increased resolution and depth perception, wider color range and more precise and accurate imaging. Wireless connections allow the surgeon to collect intraoperative images to a tablet or other storage devices for medical record processing. View the SynergyUHD4™ in action.
Protect your joints with proper warm-up before running

Start with easy walking or jogging to warm your muscles and increase the blood and lymphatic flow. Walk easy for one minute, then walk briskly (on the edge of running) for one to two minutes before you start to run.

If you have any niggling areas that are giving you trouble (like IT band or calf tightness), do some self-massage with light, short strokes. Again, you're not trying to release the tension in the targeted spot but rather warm it up. If you don't have any tight spots, skip this step.

The key for runners is to target the muscle groups used for running. You want to warm up with flexion and extension of the legs, and lateral movements, especially before harder effort runs or races. Warming up the hips, for instance is key because that's where the hip flexors, psoas, and quads and hamstrings come in together.

A note to remember: Avoid static stretching i.e. holding stretches for a period of time. Although it may seem counter intuitive, the goal of a running warm up is to warm the muscle, increase circulation and prepare the muscles to be on point to fire. Static stretching targets the muscle to relax, and impairs their ability to store energy. That's not to say static stretching is bad, it's not. But it doesn't belong in a runner's warmup routine.

Hip Circles: Standing with your feet hip width apart with your hands on your hips, rotate your hips in circles in a clockwise and then counterclockwise pattern ten times each direction.

Walking Lunges: Step forward with a long stride and drop your back leg towards the ground. Focus on keeping your front knee over your ankle and perform it in a slow and flowing motion.

Butt Kicks: Walk forward slowly while kicking your heels in towards your glutes for a total of 20 kicks (10 per leg).

Monster Walk: With your torso tall, walk forward while lifting your legs straight in front of you. Do it 10 times on each side.

Leg Swings: While holding onto something stable, swing one leg to your side and then back and across your torso. Perform the move 10 times each side.

We love our patients! (And the feeling's mutual!)

"It was a wonderful experience - nurses and staff were outstanding. They were very attentive and Dr. Goldberg was very caring as well." - Mary Lisberti

"It was the BEST! Great staff - everyone made you feel comfortable and happy to be there!" - Christine Perdzock

"What a fantastic staff!" - Roy G.

"The nursing staff was exemplary." - Linda E. 

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