Seaside recognized nationally for advanced technology
Why should you care?

Technology has made inroads into every field under the sun, but probably none so much as the medical field. When Seaside first opened, it was already ahead of the pack by purchasing a Hana table - the specialized operating table used in the direct anterior approach to total hip replacement. That allowed Seaside to be the site of the first same-day outpatient total hip replacement in Southwest Florida. Don Uhlenkott came in before breakfast and was home for lunch - with a new hip. This front-side approach to the hip joint, made possible by the technology of the Hana table, results in less pain, a faster recovery, more accurate placement and fewer restrictions (actually NO restrictions) on your movement following surgery.

We recently acquired the Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery System. With this surgeon-controlled robotic arm, partial knee replacements can be performed with consistent results and more accurate placement of the implant - that's important to the life expectancy of your implant. Read more...

One of our earlier purchases was the Arthrex Synergy UHD4 imaging system. We knew it was special, and after a mention in this Naples Daily News article, we found out just how unique we are. There are only six hospitals in the country that use the fully integrated version of this system and we are the only ASC to have it. Our administrator, Cindy Schuetz, RN and CST Chris Chase were interviewed about it for a story in the special construction edition of Outpatient Surgery Magazine (page 50). (Our own Dr. Baxendale supplied the photo!) The benefits you enjoy may be subtle and not yet chronicled, but spending less time under anesthesia since your surgeon can perform your procedure faster, and being able to download and email high resolution images of your operation to assist other members of your health care team, are two of them Ms. Schuetz mentions.

When a medical facility like ours invests in the latest technology, it's for everyone's benefit. You can read about our equipment on the Seaside website.

Dr. Robert Zehr, assisted by CST Mark Cannedy, uses the Arthrex Synergy UHD 4K system during a recent knee arthroscopy.

Patients say "Thanks!"
"I thought all staff starting with the physicians were absolutely the best. I encountered knowledgeable, friendly and informative staff throughout my stay at Seaside Surgery Center. Words cannot express how the congeniality plus superior delivery of care makes such a difference in the patient experience."
-Carmela Zeiser

"The staff was amazing! Went out of their way to make me feel at ease and comfortable. Very kind from nurse at check-in to nurse post-op. Best team of doctors and nurses I have ever experienced."
-Colleen Carofano

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