Seaside surgeon designs new hip implant
Patient shares results - he had dinner guests that evening!

The iNSitu Hip System
Seaside Co-Founder Dr. H. Kurtis Biggs is part of a 15-member team of orthopedic surgeons that designed a new hip implant via 3-D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. "The iNSituâ„¢  hip implant more closely matches human bone, resulting in better ingrowth. It also has better wear characteristics than other competitive implants on the market. The implant and instrumentation are specifically designed for the direct anterior technique and for streamlined use in the outpatient surgical center
environment," says Biggs.

Four weeks after surgery, bone will start growing into the porous acetabular cup, through small holes at the upper part of the cup that get progressively smaller toward the rim, a design that matches human anatomy, Biggs explained in a recent article in the Naples Daily News.

Steve Ross, 61, a retired Ford Motor Co. executive, resident of Naples and patient of Dr. Biggs, said his engineering background helped him decide to have the new implant. He received the new implant during total hip replacement surgery on December 1. He went home six hours later* and had friends over for dinner that evening! Watch his testimony.

The new hip implant is manufactured by Ohio-based NextStep Arthropedix.

* Although Ross went home the same day, his surgery was not performed at Seaside. Medicare does not reimburse hip replacements done at same-day outpatient centers. 
Images via NextStep Arthropedix.

Patients say "Thanks!"
"The staff was amazing! The facility was clean and well equipped. I'm not the best patient and was very nervous. Within a very short period of time, I became calm because of the kindness and understanding of all involved in my care."
-Diane Miele

"This was an excellent, expectation-exceeding experience. Very transparent. No surprises. Excellent nurses, doctor and anesthesiologist. I was scared to death and they put me at ease. I feel so good 14 days later. It is a miracle. Positive change to my life."
-Diane Norberg

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