Seasonal Newsletter
April 8th 2021
Welcome Seasonal Campers!
Important Information
We continue to welcome seasonal campers to go to their sites to clean up and get ready for the season. Starting April 10th, the store will be open 9am-4pm. 

The outer gates are open however you will need your white access/key card to open the inside gate. A gate attendant will be at the gatehouse 8am-8pm this Saturday and Sunday April 10th and 11th. Everyone must exit the property by 8pm.
Overnight stays and campfires are prohibited until the water is ON. The water will be turned on Friday April 16th. The bathrooms will not open until some time after April 16th
Beginning April 16th, 2021 you must be fully registered to enter Fish Lake Beach. Fully registered means completion of the following:
·            The registration forms (DocuSign) 
·            Sent all supporting documentation
·            Paid license fees and electric in full
If you are fully registered you WILL get an email with 'your passes are ready!' 🙂 
We are in the process of preparing passes for those who are registered. Please be patient.  The gate staff will have the list of 2021 licensees that are fully registered.  Please do not show up at the gate requesting admission if you haven't received the “your passes are ready” email because you will not be admitted.
Registration deadline is March 31st  If you are in the process of registering just before or after that deadline, expect some delay to getting your passes. You will NOT be admitted without being fully registered.  If you have DocuSign questions email
Payment You are welcome to make payments in person at Trailer Sales 9am-1pm and after that you can make them at the store starting April 10th; 9am-4pm or call us with a credit card (3% surcharge for CC payment). Mail checks or money orders to Fish Lake Beach, 32223 N US Hwy.12 Volo, IL 60073 with your site number and name in the memo. If you have questions about your balance or payments made, email
Help with your site If you have work you need done on your site please go to the store and our staff will put in a work order; do not request work directly with Tony or Kevin or any other maintenance staff member, since we need to manage and prioritize their work orders accordingly. 

Comcast sales on the patio have been cancelled due to Covid-19. To inquire about Comcast services at your site contact Dale Betts at 847-355-3646 or by email

For large item disposal go to the Fish Lake Beach store/office, call 847-546-2228 or email Fees are based on the size of the item disposed-expect $30-50 range. We will pick up the item at your site and dispose of it for you.  Large items and construction materials dumped at or in the dumpsters are an eyesore for everyone and an expense for the campground to haul away. Couches, grills, toilets, appliances, fencing, rolls of carpeting and flooring, mattresses, furniture, electronics and so on must not be disposed in or at the dumpsters. We WILL enforce this rule for the benefit of all.  Anyone observed violating this rule will result in a $200 fine. 
Bag leaves and small branches and leave at the edge of your campsite for pickup. Do not mix any garbage with the leaves. Once the water is on, you may burn your leaves in your firepit if you monitor it closely.
Thank You
Fish Lake Beach 
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