The first episode of SEASON 3 is now available! 
In our first episode, What is Light Language? we are exploring the phenomena known as Light Language. I hang out with an outstanding group of folks and learn how some people speak or sing Light Language, while others sign, draw or write it as code or inscription. For the first time, we're bringing a Light Language Interpreter together with a group of Light Language channels... and what we discover is truly out of this world! SEE THE EPISODE HERE

It’s obvious that we are going through one of the most transformational times in not only our human history but also the greater cosmic story. Each day I’m receiving mail from E.D. fans letting me know that the lessons shared in the show are helping them navigate this great shift. In Season 3 cosmic class continues, only this time many of the lessons are coming from right here on planet earth.

Season 3 is a new world close to home. The veil between worlds is thinner than ever, and we don’t have to go far out to make a connection. Steve and I are diligently working to get these episodes edited and out to the masses. We plan to release an episode or two on the 1st of each month… so please keep that frequency tuned.

Namaste, Reuben
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