Can you believe summer is here?

For the Glasser/Schoenbaum team, the summer months usually ease to a more manageable pace, providing brain space to regroup and plan for the upcoming fiscal year. But from what I am seeing, that will not be our reality this summer!

As we all reemerge from COVID life, a frenetic pace has reemerged right along with it. I am curious to see what innovations and changes to operations made during the pandemic remain in place - or are we all going back to business as usual? We are looking to re-open our conference rooms this summer and exploring the future of the Glasser/Schoenbaum footprint and other opportunities by putting final touches on an updated short-term strategic plan.

In other words, no slowing down over here. Just finding more ways to do what we do best, even if it is not business as usual!
Dr. Kameron P. Hodgens
Executive Director & CEO
Mission: To CONNECT, SUPPORT, and SUSTAIN a network of human service nonprofits for a stronger community.
Agency Spotlight: Parenting Matters podcast
When the Parenting Matters board convened for strategic planning in November of 2020, they agreed that a major goal was to spread awareness of their parenting programs to clients. One board member, Steve Adams, happened to be an active podcast producer, and brought the technology and know-how to the agency.

"The goal was to help erase the stigma of asking for help as a parent," says Parenting Matters Executive Director, Katrina Bellemare. Parents can get tips and hear stories of their peers through their earbuds or car speakers while going about their day.

In two months, they've posted four 30-min episodes and have seen over 200 downloads. See the episodes list here, or you can find them wherever you listen to podcasts.
GS Connects: Compassion Fatigue
GS Connects is an ongoing program offering workshops for self-care and professional development to all staff on the Campus of Caring.

This month we will be hosting Resilient Retreat's Community Wellness Educator, Mandy O'Malley, to deliver a presentation on the topic of compassion fatigue. With 20 years' experience in human services, including time spent on our campus, O'Malley will offer perspective on the stressors we face when working in the human services sector.

The event is sponsored by Gulf Coast Community Foundation.
How relevant is 211?
211 is a vital service leveraged by millions of people across North America. But when residents of Sarasota, Manatee and Desoto Counties contact 211, will the specialists on the other end have information that's updated and relevant to us?

To address this question, our Community Liaison Christina Russi works closely with agencies throughout our region to make sure the data at our 211 contact center is current, pertinent, and ample.

Today, the 211 database for our Tri-County region contains information and resources for 277 agencies at 508 location sites, with over 1,200 programs and services that can be accessed by those who need them.

How do they reach the programs and services? 211 puts a premium on accessibility. A recent report, reflected in this graphic, shows the number of times and ways area residents have been contacting the service.

You can see how that access works at
View from the Front Desk
Andrea Lane
Anyone who has trimmed Florida's ubiquitous queen palms knows they are resistant to pruning. The queen palms on the Campus of Caring didn't have much choice decades ago, when our buildings were new; the trees were shorter and much easier to reach. They may have thought they had us beat these days, with their growth stretching to the highest rooflines on our two-story buildings.

If so, they didn't account for the brave professionals with 20-foot ladders who came to our rescue last month. Andrea Lane, Receptionist and Administrative Assistant observed the work in action. "It was actually really fascinating to watch," she remarked, "It's a dangerous job!"

Indeed, transforming unruly queen palms into stately, respectable landscaping can be precarious. Thank you to the folks at Island Tree Service for being "up" to the challenge.
Shapiro Grant: Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida
Epilepsy Services of Southwest Florida was recently awarded a Shapiro Memorial Grant for technology needs. Due to increased virtual work activity, they expect an uptick in annual expenses for IT maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. We are proud to support them as we all navigate new working norms.

We established the Shapiro Memorial Grant in 2018 upon the passing of Lifetime Board Member Sam Shapiro, to provide each of our tenant partners up to $1,000 in a given year for any mission-related expense they choose.
Birds Eye View
Small Business Awards Finalist!
Glasser/Schoenbaum is a proud finalist for the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce's Frank G. Berlin 2021 Small Business Awards! These awards recognize local member businesses and individuals in eight award categories. The Nonprofit of the Year category recognizes area nonprofits that have demonstrated innovative programs and contributions to the local community.

"It's an honor to be a finalist for the Sarasota Chamber's annual Small Business Awards," said CEO Dr. Kameron Hodgens. "For 100 years, the Chamber has been a great advocate for local businesses and we're proud to be among them. Our ability to meet the challenges this year was made possible because of the incredible efforts of the agencies and staff who make up our human services network. They are true champions making a difference in the lives of our area's residents every day."

The awards will culminate in an event on Friday, June 25, 2021, 12pm at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota.