We are part of a single, wondrously complex web of life that is woven by God. Each  year from September 1 to October 4, the Christian family celebrates the good gift  of creation.
The theme for this year is "the web of life: biodiversity as God's blessing."  During this month, the Season of Creation let us pray, act and advocate on behalf of our common home, that we may "take good care of creation - a gift freely given - cultivating and protecting it for future generations." (Pope Francis).
The biblical witness is that the web of life - biodiversity - matters not only because  human well-being depends on stable and thriving ecosystems and the services  they give to us, from clean water and food, to oxygen, clothing and climate  regulation, and all the 'resources' we use from nature. Biodiversity matters firstly  because God gives value to every creature that is created. READ MORE
A prayer for creation offers us a wonderful opportunity to connect with everything, in everything. PRAY

This resource was prepared by Sister Jean Durel for The Annual Meeting as International Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee.
The goal is to get churches, synagogues, mosques, schools and community centers - anyone who has bells - to ring them at 12pm (or just before your strike starts) every day for several minutes. 


A contextual view of the tensions arising from the Amazon Synod and its Working Document: Discernment from the Spirit of God in the key aspects of unity, charity, and peace.

We must walk without fear of the new, in respect of our sources and our roots, so that the presence of God in the world, in its peoples and in the Amazon may grow stronger, and the mission of the Church may be strengthened announcing the Kingdom of Christ in this territory. READ
What can a second century text about the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist tell us about care of creation today? John Moffatt SJ finds, in the writings of Irenaeus, some ideas about what it means to live in right relationship to everything of this world and be in communion with the natural order. READ
Support the Clean Cars compromise.

"Ford, along with Volkswagen, Honda and BMW have finally decided to...follow the California Clean Car Standards."
Encourage more companies to do the same through the action alert from our friends at Interfaith Power & Light

"Our house is on fire-let's act like it," says a call-to-action for September 20th and 27th strikes.

In TWO weeks, the worldwide Climate Strike will begin! Will you be participating?
Every October 4th, the Feast of St. Francis celebrates the saint who saw all created beings as his brother or sister. Inspired by this example, Catholic Climate Covenant produces a free educational program to help your faith community explore how it can better care for creation and the poor. 
The program contains prayers, readings, a short video, and suggested activities.

To receive the free 90-minute educational program, please click HERE
Hints and tips to help schools during this Season of Creation.

Encourage your children or those at your school to think about the world around them and consider their impact upon it. 

There are many websites with resources which you can use to introduce climate change, global warming and environmental justice topics into curriculum subjects such as RE, science, geography and citizenship. If there is space available, create an eco-friendly garden full of plants and insects.
The conference will explore the intersection of climate change and economic justice. It will be held from April 24 to 27, 2020 in Washington, D.C. 

10 everyday actions you can take to ActNow on climate change!

The Season of Creation, a call to action
The University of the Incarnate Word continues to focus on sustainability, a major issue on the globe. The UIW Sustainability Committee met and continues to work towards more classes and hopefully an academic Minor in this area. Efforts are made to improve energy usage, to recycle more, to compost, and to further community gardening. The Ettling Center for Civic Leadership and Sustainability promotes the community garden, the Sustainability Scholars, and other programs. READ MORE
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