A word from US ALL

    - staff, sisters, board members, volunteers, and friends

This year as we approached our fiscal year end, we wondered if we could raise the remaining funds needed to meet our budget obligations without the traditional auction.

Of course, one non-monetary value of an annual auction is the chance to get together, reflect, and celebrate as a Franciscan community. During our discernment we observed we’d already found a way to do that on a monthly basis, through our contemplative First Fridays. Once a month we gather for a Taizé service (as a form of singing prayer), using the labyrinth (as a form of walking prayer), and around a common table for a simple supper (for a kind of laughing prayer).

So, we took a chance and tethered our year-end solvency in between the feast days of St Clare (on August 11) and St Francis (on October 4).

Thank you for meeting us in that prayer space. We are happy to report that we met our needs for this fiscal year.

Thank you all for your generosity and support.

One way we marked this Season of Giving was to tell stories about what we do at the Franciscan Spiritual Center as we attempted to observe and name what the Holy Spirit has created into this community. We hope it encouraged you to pay attention to what is sacred in your life. We hope it lit your imagination for how we can come alongside one another in community. We would love to hear your stories and your dreams, too.

With gratitude,

The Franciscan Spiritual Center Community

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Email your own stories to cnaylor@francisspctr.com.