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Introducing Interim Development Director

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It is my pleasure to be able to serve the Santa Barbara Public Library Foundation as the Interim Development Director during this period of transition. My name is Sharon Hoshida and I have been a resident of Santa Barbara since 1970. Following a 37-year career at the University of California, Santa Barbara, I have been able to engage in my passion for books and literature in a number of ways. As a founding member of the Women's Literary Festival, we are about to present our 13th festival in March, 2019, featuring women authors whose words support our mission of literacy, diversity and social justice.

Some of you may recall the short, but definitely sweet, life of Granada Books located a couple doors up from the renowned Granada Theatre. I was one of the partners in that endeavor, creating a "third space" where folks could gather, browse, and converse with one another, showcasing local writers, (not only on our shelves, but also as speakers in the house), Friday night performances of local musicians and monthly art exhibitions featuring Santa Barbara area artists.

It is this passion for the power of words that motivates me to be a part of the Santa Barbara Public Library Foundation's campaign to rejuvenate the heartbeat of Santa Barbara's arts district. The transformation of the physical landscape to become a welcome plaza area with accessible pathways between the literary and fine arts housed in our community treasures, the Santa Barbara Public Library and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, will benefit the whole community.

I know that you want to be a part of this chapter in our library story. Meet me in the stacks and let's talk about making dreams come true. The Santa Barbara Public Library Foundation would love to hear from you, together we will open doors to opportunities.


Foundation News

The Santa Barbara Public Library Foundation is proud to report that the wildly successful SB Reads 2018 program brought over 1500 participants of all ages during the month of October. You will be happy to know that the $24,000 raised to underwrite this month-long celebration enabled the design of such diverse workshops as Pinata Making, Zine Publication, It's Alive! Frankenstein Science Fair, Women in Science Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon, as well as dozens of writers' and readers' gatherings.

Imagine unleashing all this energy and activity from within the walls of the library to an outdoor plaza designed as an all access space for community celebrations and literary extravaganzas (think Harry Potter look alikes, or searches for Waldo in his striped t shirt)! That's what the Foundation wants to see in the heart of Santa Barbara's cultural arts district. The Library Plaza would provide a safe, accessible pedestrian thoroughfare away from traffic that will accommodate strollers and wheelchairs without barriers. It will offer an outdoor performance venue for local musicians, dancers, actors, and writers that the downtown area sorely lacks. The possibilities are endless, right?

This is the big dream. Don't you want to help make this dream come true? The Santa Barbara Public Library Foundation is poised to launch the campaign to rejuvenate the gemstone that is our downtown library and, in the process, create a vibrant new venue in support of our richly diverse arts community. Once we open the door to these visions, there's no turning back. So, start thinking about what you can do and plan to join us in making this wonderful gift to our city!

Enjoy the season of giving,
Anne Howard
Board President
Santa Barbara Public Library Foundation   
Happy Birthday, Frankenstein!

In celebration of the bicentennial of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus, the Santa Barbara Public Library chose this work, that spawned the new literary genre of science fiction, as the 2018 SB Reads selection. The Santa Barbara Public Library Foundation is proud of our contribution of $24,000 to support this year's SB Reads program.

This funding made it possible to offer more than 1400 free books, including Frankenstein as well as several other related titles across a wide array of genres and styles, so everyone in the community can participate in this city-wide read. To offer a variety of entry points for the appreciation of the far reaching and lasting impact of this story, the library staff selected graphic novels, children's and young adult interpretations of the tale, non-fiction texts illuminating the social and cultural historical setting, literary criticism, and contemporary novels that deliver a multi-faceted approach to understanding the delicate balance between scientific progress and ethical responsibility.

SBPLF Board President Anne Howard viewing free books

Let's give a shout out to the stellar library staff under the direction of Jessica Cadiente, Library Director, for generating an amazing month of more than 70 stimulating and educational activities for all ages: from reading discussion groups to monster-making workshops to creating life in the garden to Frankenstein's Ghoul Ball. Bravo! Yes, SBPLF Board member Roy Martinez was one of the judges for the costume competitions!

Piano on State Street
The community responded by showing up in record setting numbers, nearly 1500 total, to the reading and making activities. Hundreds of teens discovered the library, drawn by the innovative programs. Santa Barbara's children enjoyed maker activities building monsters and animation projects. The gift of hundreds of free books in the hands of Santa Barbara readers - all made possible by Santa Barbara Public Library Foundation dollars - will remain in homes as a reminder of SB Reads.

Now that the curtain has fallen on the final event for Frankenstein's SB Reads, we are looking forward to making the 2019 SB Reads even better. How? By raising the funds to not only purchase the books and underwrite the costs of activities, but also to bring a well-known living author (sadly Mary Shelley was unavailable this year) to Santa Barbara in celebration. With enthusiastic thanks to all of you who contributed to SB Reads this year, isn't it wonderful to be part of making this happen? We invite all of you to help us grow next year's SB Reads to be even better. The possibilities are boundless when we move forward together with purpose.
The Santa Barbara Public Library Foundation exists to support the Library's vision for the future, including restoring the classic elements of the building and creating an outdoor public venue and gathering place in the heart of the cultural arts district. We all have a "library story" to share, whether from childhood or as an honored citizen. We gravitate toward the library, the repository of our human history and our dreams for the future, to find community on the pages between the covers of the books. The Santa Barbara Public Library Foundation opens the doors to discovery, imagination, and wonder inside. Come on in!

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