Cicero Prep PSO Season of Gratitude


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Let the season of giving begin!
It has been a long-standing Great Hearts' tradition to give a collective thank you gift to our teachers around the holiday season. In previous years, this campaign was called Snow Storm and ran November through December. We have chosen to improve upon our endeavors to give generously to our teachers and to pair it with the fall season. Fall is already a season rich in the tradition of giving thanks and expressing gratitude.

Please give as you are able, and together we can make a difference!

Remember, as each of our students has six teachers, please give accordingly. If you might typically give a teacher a $25 gift or gift card, then a contribution of $150.00 (Scarecrow) would be appropriate. If you typically give teachers $10 gifts/gift cards, then give $60.00(pumpkin and an acorn). 

Last year, we were able to give each teacher a check for $500! Our teachers and their families are so appreciative that our parent community gives in this way. It really helps them with the extra expenses of the holidays; whether it's being able to go home and visit their family or being able to give generously to their own family.

Season of Gratitude Mural

Each item purchased will be displayed in our Season of Gratitude mural in the Quad. Students love to help put up the decorations that represent your gifts and it is a daily reminder to the students, and to all of us on campus, that parent support is what makes our community great.
The Season of Gratitude campaign runs October 22nd through November 16th. We will present the faculty with their thoughtfully packaged monetary gift from the Cicero Prep parent community at the Cicero Prep Faculty Bowling Night complete with dinner, drinks, and dessert for them and their families. Donations may be made anytime between now and November 16th.