Volume 1 | Number 3 |  DECEMBER 2018
John Marshall: Hidden Hero of National Union
 New Exhibit at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture
Opens February 10, 2019
The John Marshall Foundation is pleased to announce a new exhibit, in partnership with the Virginia Museum of History & Culture and Preservation Virginia , showcasing the distinguished life of John Marshall, tracing young Marshall’s coming of age alongside our country’s, featuring his service in the military and all three branches of the federal government in addition to his 34-year tenure as Chief Justice of the United States. Marshall-related artwork and artifacts, like his Law Commonplace Notebook, spectacles, inkwell, and writing desk, illustrate the themes and accomplishments of Marshall’s life establishing the extent of federal powers, the limits of state sovereignty, and defining the role and powers of the Supreme Court. The exhibit is co-curated by University of Richmond Law Professor and incoming JMF President Kevin C. Walsh and Virginia Museum of History & Culture’s William M.S. Rasmussen , Senior Curator of Exhibitions and Lora M. Robins Curator of Art. The VMHC’s annual gala February 9 will serve as the official ribbon-cutting for and sneak preview of the exhibit.

John Marshall's writing desk
Spectacles and ink well
Law Commonplace notebook
 “Tell Marshall I Love Him”
Thank you for your support of the John Marshall Foundation’s mission and commitment to the telling of America’s constitutional history through the life, service, and character of John Marshall.

One of Marshall’s most beloved traits was his affability, a gift that no doubt served him well in the military, congress, as secretary of state, as a practicing attorney, and ultimately as chief justice and definer of that role. Marshall’s ease with others and his characteristic grace and humility drew from Patrick Henry – who had earlier been Marshall’s vigorous political opponent – a public shout-out heard around our young nation: “Tell Marshall I love him.”   

Marshall’s compelling character and amazing service to our nation come into focus in our new exhibit, John Marshall: Hidden Hero of National Union , opening February 19, 2019, at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture (VMHC). Presented in partnership with VMHC and Preservation Virginia, the exhibit traces Marshall’s role in preserving our fragile union, from founding under George Washington to the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, a role Marshall fulfilled without fanfare or flourish. We are especially grateful for the opportunity to tell this important story at the VMHC, where Marshall served as first president, and in collaboration with two valued partners. 
Finding innovative ways of educating the public about the rule of law under the Constitution, with Marshall as guide and role model, remains central to our mission. Our Justice in the Classroom 6-12 civics education program has expanded to reach the far corners of Virginia and is available nationally through justiceintheclassroom.net , offering free online curriculum, lesson plans, and a vast array of educational resources. New lessons, available due to ongoing curriculum development, explore free speech, treason, and a variety of current events. Look for our 2018 impact report in early January.
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The King of Crimes by David L. Robbins , a cinematic stage-play, developed in partnership with WCVE-TV and made possible through generous support from Virginia S. Reynolds Foundation , Virginia Film Office , Universal Leaf Foundation , South State Bank , Cynthia Advani Marshall and her husband, the late Watson “Bubba” Marshall , and Chase Gottwald,
which will air on Central Virginia’s Community Idea Stations in Richmond, Charlottesville, and Harrisonburg this winter.
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Members Thanked at Madeira Society Events
Richard Brookhiser Presented “The Man” at 2018 Thank-you Receptions
The John Marshall Foundation welcomed historian and author Richard Brookhiser November 12, as guest lecturer for the annual gathering of the Madeira Society and our new Chief Justice and Associate Justice Councils, this year a luncheon at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture , and later that day for the VMHC’s Banner Lecture in partnership with Preservation Virginia ’s John Marshall House. To an audience of more than 250, Brookhiser highlighted his new book, John Marshall, the Man Who Made the Supreme Court , which draws a portrait of Marshall as energizer and strengthening force of the Supreme Court and the one, who more than any other, connected the views of the founding fathers to the generations that followed. An engaged question and answer session yielded queries about specific Marshall cases and interpreting the Constitution, and several questions about politics today versus those of our founders, which Brookhiser noted were “dirtier then.” A Madeira tasting followed the lecture, with Madeira generously provided by Mr. and Mrs. E. Claiborne Robins Jr. The John Marshall Foundation thanks Jamie Bosket , President and CEO of the Virginia Museum of History & Culture for hosting the 2018 Madeira Society events. 

For information about joining the Madeira Society, click link below:
Jamie Bosket, President and CEO of VMHC, welcomes Madeira Society members
to the Olsson Family Gallery.
Caroline Smith Parkinson and
 Arthur S. Brinkley III .
Cynthia A. Marshall with Virginia's
Chief Justice Donald Lemons.
JMF board member Cheryl Ragsdale and Ben Ragsdale.
Daphne Page, left, and Page Edgerton.
Left to right, JMF President Tom Slater, Richard Brookhiser, and Virginia's Chief Justice, Donald Lemons.
Jeff and Nancy Jones visit with Jamie Bosket.

Photo Credits: Laura Giddings
Photo Credit: Sheri Crowell, Sunnyflower Corporate Meetings, Events & Excursions
McGuireWoods' J. Tracy Walker Joins JMF Board
The John Marshall Foundation is pleased
to welcome J. Tracy Walker IV, McGuireWoods’ Managing Partner,
to its Board of Directors. Walker holds a Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School, where he graduated cum laude in 1990,
and a Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Virginia, where he graduated with high distinction in 1987. He focuses his practice on product liability, consumer class action, and commercial litigation and handles complex matters in jurisdictions throughout the country for a range of manufacturer clients, including some of the world’s largest automakers. Walker’s service on
the JMF Board continues McGuireWood’s long history of partnership with and support of the Foundation.
"Marshall is as responsible as anyone, perhaps more than anyone, for the enduring success of our great experiment with a constitutional democracy."
Walker is a member of the Virginia Bar Association’s Boyd-Graves Conference, an Associate Member of Lawyers for Civil Justice, and currently serves on the Virginia State Bar, State Bar Council. He is also a former president and director of the Richmond Bar Association. Walker’s many accolades include recognition in Chambers, Legal 500 and The Best Lawyers in America. Under his leadership as McGuireWoods' deputy managing partner for litigation, in 2016 Law360 honored the firm as a “Litigation Powerhouse” and as an “Automotive Practice Group of the Year.”
Law360 newsletter recently asked Walker “What well known lawyer, alive or dead, would you most like to have lunch with and why?” to which he responded, “I’m going to put in a plug for my home city of Richmond, and I’m going to say John Marshall. James Madison is rightly called the father of the Constitution, but Marshall is as responsible as anyone, perhaps more than anyone, for the enduring success of our great experiment with a constitutional democracy. What a treat it would be to sit down with him and explore all of the issues he grappled with over a very long career both before he became chief justice and after. You could spend a long time just talking to him, for example, about the Aaron Burr trial. I think that would be fascinating.”

 We couldn’t agree more. Welcome, Tracy!
JMF Events
January 24, 6 p.m.
The American Civil War Museum’s Foundry Series, “Politics and the Supreme Court” $10 at door $8 for members of the John Marshall Society. Co-sponsored by the John Marshall Foundation.
February 9, VMHC Gala
Virginia Museum of History & Culture’s Annual Gala with ribbon cutting and sneak preview of John Marshall: Hidden Hero of National Union. Exhibit presented in partnership with Preservation Virginia and John Marshall Foundation.
February 10, Exhibit Opening
John Marshall: Hidden Hero of National Union presented by Virginia Museum of History & Culture (VMHC), Preservation Virginia, and John Marshall Foundation at the VMHC.
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