Happy Holy Days... Happy Holida ys!!!
Hi Everyone, 
Despite the frenzy of the holiday shopping and the world, national and local events, I would like to wish you all a wonderful season of joy filled celebrations that honor your cultural and family traditions. With so much going on in our world this year, perhaps many of us will spend less money on material things for our loved ones, and instead, spend more quality time with them creating precious memories. Or share with them the gift of giving others who may be in need. 
Of course, we continue to do our part to send love and light to wherever it is needed. 
But, with regard to current events, we
also have to be very discerning about what we allow into our psyche and into our emotions. Low, dense energies do have an impact on us whether we realize it or not... remember everything is energy, and so are we. What happens in our world affects
us on different levels of our being. In addition, our own dramas and traumas are rising to the surface to be healed, and they especially deserve our attention.  
We need to keep our energy flowing and vibrant. We
do this best from a state of mindfulness and being spiritually grounded. The veil will continue to thin and we will see far more than we could have imagined. How we respond is one of the keys to our own health and our ability to impact the world in a positive way. 

Consider affirmations as a way to help maintain being grounded, centered and focused. They assist us attune to the new season and take advantage of its power and beauty to help us set major goals for ourselves for the coming year. Here are a few... 
Try creating your own affirmations using words like; adventure, celebration, creativity, fun, joy, laughter. Indulge in what feeds your Soul, and promise to hold your own well-being sacred.
"I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God desires!" 

"I AM the violet flame in action in me now. I AM the violet flame to Light alone I bow. I AM the violet flame, In mighty cosmic power. I AM the Light of God shining every hour. I AM the violet flame blazing like a sun. I AM God's sacred power freeing every one."

In one moment you sit surrounded with every kind of negative thought in your aura. In the next, you decide to invoke the violet flame. And lo! The mighty power of the seventh ray, as a giant electrode of cosmic energy, begins to form around your person. The violet flame Angels gather around you. With palms outstretched, they direct across your four lower bodies and your aura an arc of the violet ray. As the arc flashes across your being, it vaporizes the negative conditions. They literally disappear from heart and mind!.  - Archangel Zadkiel
A Message from Beloved 
The year closes as it began dear ones, with an enormous surge of energies anchoring onto your Earth!! You too are beneficiaries of these energies. Anchor them in and integrate them into your being as they are a catalyst for the expansion of your continued ability to shift and manifest the desired outcomes you have grounded in loving energies and intentions. Set your intentions now, in this moment, keeping heart and mind in alignment, for what you do now is energetically setting into motion the events of the coming months. No need to wait for 2018, create it now... your new year has already begun. 2018 will be the testament to what you create now... and as you witness it unfold before your eyes understand how much more you can create. As the veil continues to thin you will experience many distractions of this physical existence. We suggest that you simply be an observer in the process, express detached compassion when necessary, and maintain your focus. Your LIGHT is needed, Your LOVE is critical to the existence of all living beings on your planet. Again, we say you are both human and divine... explore what that means for each of you and how it uplifts and benefits your global family. Be mindful, be present, call upon the Angels and Ascended Masters for assistance, and continue to step into the light of your own divinity.     ~ We are BELOVED

EnJOY your celebrations, and may the light of the New Year bring blessings of Abundance, Peace, Happiness and Joy to your life!  

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Rev. Barbara
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Sunday, Dec. 17th 
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Meditation w/ A ngel of Enlightenment
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Angel Message
our Angel guidance is to find quiet space for contemplation and loo k within. It is time to withdraw and review your life. Ta k ing time and space for yourself gives you an opportunity to recuperate from life's challenges, to reflect on the way ahead, strengthen yourself and prepare for the next phase of your life.  During times of introspection, you can become aware of your gifts, your inner reserve and your wisdom. It is a time for healing!
I claim time and space for my Self


During this time of year it's easy to get overwhelmed and stressed by the busy, yet exciting, events that the holidays bring.  It's important 
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