December 2020
We know this has been a very challenging year for everyone as we enter our ninth month of confronting the worst pandemic in a century. We hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and making the best of your time at home.

We are excited about a better 2021 and plan to start regular communications in order to build a stronger community of Solar CitiSuns. While many of us are working hard to address the climate crisis, often we don't know what important actions we can take to help speed the transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency

We plan to send you a brief monthly newsletter to highlight information on key opportunities for action - both within your own home and in the broader community. We will let you know how you can take action on pending legislation and regulatory proceedings.

As our gift to you, we hope you will visit our virtual tour of green homes. You can take a virtual tour via video of 16 of Metro Denver's most sustainable homes by clicking on the link below. The Metro Denver Green Homes Tour has been showcasing solar energy and sustainable living for 25 years and for the first time, you can tour the "greatest hits'' of past tours from the comfort of your home.

Our warmest wishes for a great holiday season and happy 2021!
Tour Leading Green Homes
The Metro Denver Green Homes Tour went virtual for 2020, and you can visit some of the most sustainable homes in metro Denver at your leisure from your home. See how your neighbors transformed regular homes into extraordinary homes, and how builders created homes that use net zero energy. These short videos will make you feel like you are learning directly from the homeowners. Maybe you'll find tips for your home!

Let's Build A Stronger Community
Solar CitiSuns are people who want to join together to promote more solar energy and other ways to transform the energy landscape. In 2021, there will be many opportunities to take meaningful action on legislation, regulatory activities and more.

It is free, quick and easy to sign up! By joining our community, you can keep informed and join others in taking action.

Please ask your friends and colleagues to sign up, follow our Facebook Page, and share this email with your colleagues. We are stronger together!
Energy Tips: From Cheap to Steep
Is Your Home Leaking Heat?
Are you not able to snuggle up in your favorite chair, to read your favorite book because of the cold draft falling on your shoulders? There are two reasons: 1) The interior air is sheeting across the cold glass which makes the air heavy and creates a river of cold air to the bottom of the glass. 2) The window seals are bad and cold air is leaking through the window frame, perhaps even around the window frame where it meets the wall. If you can easily hear dogs bark and traffic through your window, then it is not sealing well. Your window shades are not able to correct. Here are solutions, from Cheap to Steep:

1) A box of Window stretch film (hardware store),
2) Custom cut Plexiglass with magnetic strips and steel bars (Lowes)
3) Purchase a Factory storm window (Alpen)
4) Total replacement of window with a U value = U0.16 or less (Alpen).