As we move into the holiday season and approach the New Year, please accept the warmest greetings from my colleagues and me at WuXi AppTec’s Research Service Division (RSD)!
Living through 2020 has been a unique experience for many of us. As COVID-19 impacts aspects of our work and personal lives, my colleagues and I work hard to ensure the health of our team, the business continuity of our operation, and the high quality delivery of our customers’ projects. 
We share the learning of how to maintain a safe working environment across our global R&D facilities. We reach out to our customers including many of you via Zoom calls and TCs to keep our stakeholders well informed. We build new capabilities and strengthen existing ones. We recruit new talents and expand capacity around the world.
We follow the rapid pace of emerging sciences for drug discovery and enable our customer’s innovation in exciting new technologies such as PROTAC, DNA encoded libraries, and oligonucleotides. We learn how to be resilient and adaptive during a global pandemic. We learn how to be agile and nimble to respond to rapidly shifting customer needs.
We witness the power of innovation from our industry making a positive impact on our global community. We collaborate to overcome disruptions in operations as COVID-19 hits different parts of our business. We deeply appreciate your trust and commitment to our teams and platform.
On behalf of each colleague at WuXi AppTec’s Research Service Division, I wish you a joyful holiday season and a happy New Year! We hope you and your family remain safe and well! We look forward to supporting you in 2021!

Steve Yang, Ph.D.
Head of Research Service Division
Research Service Division (RSD)
Enabling Unbounded Possibilities