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Maine Safe Routes to School Newsletter | November 2016 Newsletter
As our nights grow long be sure to dress and equip appropriately: Remember "Bright & Tight"!  See below for advice on being seen.
Walking School Bus Application - 
Last Call!

We're excited about this third round of applications and encourage all interested schools to apply!  The Maine Walking School Bus (WSB) Program - a partnership of the Maine Center for Disease Control, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine and the Maine Department of Transportation - provides funding, program materials and technical assistance to launch daily adult-supervised walk-to-school programs  at eligible schools.
Through a competitive application process, the Maine WSB Program Team will be selecting up to three new schools with which to work to launch Walking School Bus programs in the spring of 2017 . This is the last opportunity to apply for funds under this grant.
Fall Walk & Bike to School Events Engage Hundreds of Maine Students!
In Maine this fall, 27 engaged schools and communities registered walk and bike to school events that involved hundreds of students, along with their parents, school staff and volunteers!
See the list of schools here  and check out our Safe Routes to School Blog for photos and stories from some of these events.

Please let us know if your school held a walk and/or bike to school event by completing the registration form here , and send us your photos and stories - they are great inspiration for others!
BebrightWalk & Bike Brightly this Season!
Now that Daylight Saving Time is over, sunset is coming much earlier. These days the sun is dipping below the horizon around 4:30pm and this will inch earlier and earlier until late December. This means it will be dark by the time many people head home from school or work each day. Be Safe And Be Seen - Make yourself visible to drivers DURING ALL CONDITIONS, DAY OR NIGHT!
Most serious crashes involving cars and people walking or biking occur because the driver claims they did not see the bicyclist or walker.

Don't find yourself in this position!  Wear bright colored clothing, reflective material is best, carry a flashlight when walking, and remember that Maine law requires at least a light in front and a reflector in the rear when bicycling after dark. The best way to make sure car drivers can see you is to have a red blinking light in back and a bright white light in front.

You wouldn't drive your car at night without your headlights on, so please don't do so on your bike!  For tips on riding in the dark, please visit
Bikes For All Mainers
The Bikes for All Mainers Program, formerly the Bikes for New Mainers Program, is a partnership between the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, the Portland Gear Hub, and the MaineDOT. The program is designed to provide an opportunity for adults who do not have financial access to bikes, are undocumented or recent American immigrants, or live in communities under served by public transportation to acquire basic bicycle mechanic skills, learn to bicycle safely on Maine roadways, volunteer in their communities, and overcome some of their transportation challenges.
We're here to help you strategize, answer questions, and support your community as you make plans for walk and bike activities this fall!
The Maine Safe Routes to School Team

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Darcy Whittemore
Education Program Manager
Tel: 207-956-6537

Erik daSilva
Education Program Coordinator 
Tel: 207-956-6539

Shannon Belt
Education & Outreach Coordinator (Greater Portland)
Tel: 207-956-6528
Patrick Adams
MaineDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager
Tel: 207-624-3311

Resources, Funding, & Timely Opportunities 
This program will award  grantees up to $1,500.00 for projects related to increasing walking and walkability. Application 
deadline is November 18th.

Upcoming Webinars

Health Impact in 5 Years: An In-Depth Look at Safe Routes to School
Mon Nov 7, 3pm

Changes to the National Center's Data System and an Update on Recent School Travel Trends
Thurs Nov 17, 2pm

Work While Walking: The What, Why and How of Walking Meetings
Thurs Nov 27, 2pm

Safe Routes to Healthy Food: overcoming the transportation barriers to nutritious foods.
Thurs Dec 1, 2pm

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Teach your students to travel safely!  The Maine SRTS Program offers FREE
 bicycle & pedestrian safety education to schools, rec programs, and other youth organizations. The in-person training covers 8 key points for  young   pedestrians and bicycle drivers. Adult education is also available.