A Note from Scott and Marsha
December 12, 2019
It's official. If we weren't excited, thrilled and tired before, we are now. All I can say is WOW. WOW. We had our Winter Fun Festival and I would say it was successful. I think my favorite part was riding the train with some families and hearing the kids at the same time exclaim, "OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!" going through the tunnel. Truly heart-warming. And Olaf and Elsa? If you missed it, I won't tell you Olaf was playing tag with the kids and Elsa walked through the garden taking pictures. It would be silly to tell you that you missed it. Truly, what a blessing and the weather was perfect.  

Know what else is a blessing? Flying into the end of the year and looking back at all the hard work and accomplishments done by our Garden Center crew. Our full-time staff is stellar but behind those full-timers are adorable,  AMAZING and WONDERFUL part-timers . Without their hands, ideas and time, we would not be who we are today. It takes a village, whether that village is here all the time or just one day a week! We have such great plant lovers and people who work full-time jobs and come work the weekend just because they love it. They love being outside after being stuck inside all week. They love you, our customers. They love the excitement, beauty and buzz at FGS. 

I could name them all and their each unique talents but this would involve like 10 more paragraphs! But to name them, it's worth it because I'm sure you have met, worked or had your questions answered by them. Amy, Debbie, Emily, Erin, Harper, Jon, Josh, Josh H., Judy, Mandy, Nate, Nate Y., Rita, Sunshine, Elias:   You amaze us.  And without you this past year, there would have been a huge hole with far less funny stories and memories with you.  

From cold winter days in gloves and hats ... to unloading thousands and thousands of plants and trays of flowers in spring (and I do mean thousands) ... to caring and keeping plants alive during the dog days of summer (those tans though) ... to unloading bins and bins and BINS of pumpkins (I'm really sorry about all that reaching into bins and half flipping into them!) ... to the sappy hands from Christmas trees ( It looks great. A little full. A lot of sap - Clark Griswold) ...  it took the village.

I could cry.   No words can express the gratitude of our hearts. We carry this close to our heart. And even when I'm grumpy, demanding and most often an Enneagram 8, our Black Bear and Momma Bear hearts love what you bring and what we all do together as a TEAM. And even better is that we often do it and have fun at the same time.  

So our winter hats are pulled off our heads and at our heart for you.   You are rock stars.   And when you, our customers, want to be wowed? You could let them help you bring green home because they absolutely LOVE helping you. It's just a merry place to be this season.  
THIS Saturday, Dec. 14, 2-3PM
We know what you are thinking...peaches in December? Not peaches... mandarin oranges and pecans . The Peach Truck will return on Saturday, December 14 from 2-3PM with satsuma and kishu mandarins that are juicier, sweeter and easier to peel than common clementines. They will also have bags of shelled pecans that will be perfect and delicious for your holiday baking! The bar will be open and it'll be a fun afternoon for everyone. PLUS, OLAF will be here!!
We still have many fresh Fraser Fir Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands and poinsettias in stock, but they are selling quickly and once they are gone, they're gone! Wreaths are now 20% OFF!! Come out this weekend and get your fresh holiday decor.
We think there isn't a much better present than a beautiful houseplant and a pot. Whether for a friend or teacher, we are pretty sure you will find the perfect plant and pot combo. These bird's nest ferns ('Crissie') are easy to care for and will pair great with just about any of the pots we have in stock! PLUS, certain style of silver or gold pots are currently 30% OFF!!
Not sure what little items to use as stocking stuffers, or have a few friends that you just want to grab a little something for? These mini soaps and lotions are sure to please! We have many fragrances to choose from, and you can take comfort in knowing that these soaps and lotions are locally made by the Greenwich Bay Trading Company!
Tillandsia (also known as an 'Air Plant') is so easy to care for. You can place them just about anywhere they receive enough bright light. In the winter, they mostly only require misting. They are especially adorable in these globes with the holiday accents. Change out the accents each season to fit your decor or mood! Right now, the globe and plant combo is
10% OFF!
Need a last minute spot for your Christmas party or end of the year meeting? We have the perfect spot for you in our Robin's Nest. We can accommodate small groups or gatherings, and you will love the "off-the-beaten-path" feel of our space while still close to the action. Find more information here , or contact us directly!
We love to help you bring your holiday green, red and white home and keep it healthy by sharing tips and best practices in our blog. With all the holiday lights blazing, you may not need any other outdoor lighting . But come January, do you want to leave your house in the dark? There are lots of reasons to install outdoor lighting . We share the top reasons here ! Now that colder temps are here to stay and winter is right around the corner, don't forget to take care of your houseplants. How you care for houseplants in the winter is a little different. Find out what and why in this post .
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