See you in the parking lot!
Brassart Wise
The Veggie Gazette
News from the Emporia Farmers Market
April 14, 2016 -- Volume 10, Number 2 


If I am on the ball, you will receive this note in time to join us for the FINAL indoor winter market of the season. What? You say winter is over? 
Well there is no predicting in Kansas, but it is
nearing that time of year when EFM vendors move back to the parking lot at 7th and Merchant, whatever the weather!

Please join us at 701 Commercial, from 10am till noon, on Saturday, April 16.

Then join us again on Saturday, April 30, 8am till 10am, for the first outdoor market of 2016!

I'm going to attempt to hit some of the market highlights for the coming weeks in this newsletter. We've got a couple of new board members to introduce. We've got a Murphy's Menu Cook-Off to start the season right. We have several vendors who will have bedding plants for those who garden, so be sure to check us out as you plan your yard work for the summer.

If I've missed anything, feel free to send me an email and ask! If you have a question about the market, it's likely that others have the same question. 

See you in the parking lot! (And one more time at 701 Commercial before we move to the parking lot!)

Tracy Simmons,
Market Manger

What to Expect at Saturday's Market - April 16, open 10am till noon
701 Commercial

Pie Bites - Asparagus - Lettuce - Herbs - Live Plants - Seeds
Tomato Plants - Pepper Plants
A Variety of Lettuces, Spinach, Kale
Radishes -  Carrots
Cookies - Breads - Cinnamon Rolls - Sweets
Homemade Pasta
Fresh Farm Eggs (LOTS of fresh farm eggs)
Yard Ornaments and More...
Plant Sale and Opening Market in the Parking Lot,
Saturday, April 30
8am - 10am

Bedding plants, spring produce, and more are expected at the opening market in the parking lot at 7th and Merchant, staring at 8:00am on Saturday, April 30, one weekend earlier than usual.
Reports from vendors about opening market expected product are coming in and an updated list will appear on the market's website as it becomes available -

To date, the opening market list includes the following:
  • The Country Flower Shed with the usual veggies, plus lots of veggie plants and flowers to help get your garden started right. Bedding plants include several varieties of tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, eggplant, cabbage, herbs in pots, a few perennial flowers and annuals, hanging baskets with Swedish ivy and more.
  • The Emporia Gardeners of America will have a selection of houseplants, bedding plants and some produce for sale.
  • Our Seven Acres will have greens (lettuce, spinach, kale, carrots, herbs) and a variety of bedding plants and veggie starts for gardeners; tomato plants, pepper plants, broccoli plants, cucumber plants and her combos. Hanging Salad (and other) baskets by Our Seven Acres will also be for sale.
  • Interdependent Web will feature crafts and ready-to-eat food products.
  • Mators and Tators will have dog treats and several varieties of bedding plants.
  • Charles Stodter will be at opening market with fresh baked cinnamon rolls, sandwich buns and croissants.
  • The Brassart/Wise stand is expected to have onions, radishes, lettuce, spinach, rhubarb and a few flowers.
Saturday markets will be open weekly from 8am till 10am. Wednesday markets will open  on June 1.
Annual Meeting Notes: New and Returning EFM Board Members

At the Emporia Farmers Market Annual Meeting, held on March 19, 2016, 7 individuals were elected for a 2-year term on the market board. Returning board members are Janet Brassart, Mandy Kern (appointed to the board in 2015), Marcia Lawrence, Wanda Myers and Ruthann Resch. Joe Foster and Amy Becker are new to the board in 2016. These board members join Travis Carmichael, Ellen Hansen, Jessica Hopkins, and Becky Smith in guiding the operations of the Emporia Farmers Market. 
Amy Becker , born and raised in Emporia, believes in being involved in her community and loves a good project.  She was Director of Sustainability and Community Education at Flint Hills Technical College, established Green Door Recycling and Mulready's Pub, and has served as a board member for the Natural Resources Advisory Board, Emporia Main Street and the Emporia Area Local Food Network.  As a gardener, she's worked both in greenhouses and in her own back yard and finds it very relaxing and rewarding.  As a cook, Amy is passionate about quality, locally-grown ingredients and habits and traditions that revolve around food.  As an entrepreneur, she loves how the farmers market incorporates and supports all of these things in one happy package. Amy was elected to the EFM Board of Directors in 2016.
Joe Foster has been an Emporia resident off and on since 2003 and was first introduced to the Emporia Farmers Market as a performing musician and customer, and later served on the EFM board (2011-2013). Joe desires to see Emporia grow and thrive, and knows that the Emporia Farmers Market is an excellent venue for this. The Foster family (wife: Allison and boys: Hawthorn and Atticus) have a strong interest in the outdoors, including: gardening landscaping and all things fun. Joe was re-elected to the Board in 2016.
Harold and Naomi Brenzikofer were honored at the meeting for their years of service to the Emporia Farmers Market. As The Country Flower Shed, Harold and Naomi have been vendors for approximately 30 of the market's 34 yea rs. Harold has served on EFM's Board of Directors, as well.  
Tracy Simmons, Harold Brenzikofer, and Naomi Brenzikofer at the Annual Meeting, March 19, 2016. Thank you, Marcia Lawrence, for the photo.

When people say they can't grow things, that makes no sense. Caring for plants isn't all that different than caring for people. You've got to feed them, water them, make sure they get fresh air and a little attention every day. If you can take care of yourself, you can take care of a plant. Anyone can grow things.

~Harold Brenzikofer; EFM  Board Member, Vendor Extraordinaire, Mentor, and Friend

Murphy's Menu Cook-Off

Saturday, May 14 ~ Graduation Party Snacks

Bring a bowl of your favorite graduation party snack, enough to serve about 50 people. Is it a cereal mix with nuts? Is it dried fruits and pretzels? Perhaps chocolate candies with salty chips? Graduation is soon; share your ideas with Farmers Market shoppers.

Farmhands Needed

We know you love the market. Have you ever wanted to get more involved? We are always on the lookout for good farmhands who can help run the market kiosk during market's open hours and check vendors in and out. Saturday volunteer shifts require volunteers to arrive at 7am. You can usually count on being free by about 10:45 (that would be latest) on Saturday morning. 

Tasks include checking in vendors, passing out daily report sheets, calling the radio station, ringing the market start bell, helping customers with EBT machine (understanding market token system) and providing general assistance during market. At the end of market farmhands are in charge of putting up ropes and signage and checking out vendors.  

If you would be available even 3 or 4 times a season, we'd love to add you to the farmhand list. Please let market manager, Tracy Simmons, know if you have any questions. No pressure! Just putting out feelers early in the year as it is always nice to refresh our volunteer pool each season. 

Email or call 620-343-6555.

Gardening is not just about growing a few tomatoes, it's about having a relationship with nature.
~Ben Stallings, EFM vendor, former board member, and Farmhand

Thank You Farmhands and Musicians

March & April Farmhands
Janet Brassart, Ellen Hansen, Ruthann Resch, Rand Simmons

Market Musicians
Lee C. Muller and Don Humphrey