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Joe & Darby Ryan
December 2018
Summer & Fall Projects Review
Our busy seasons are behind us. Thank you to all our clients and friends!
Our Jobs Completed Summer/Fall 201 8
3280 Multiview Drive, Studio City interior & exterior, carpentry
3385 Monterey Road, San Marino exterior, carpentry
521 Bradford Avenue, Pasadena exterior, carpentry
638 Bradford Avenue, Pasadena interior
586 Garden Lane, Pasadena interior
485 Palmetto Drive, Pasadena interior & exterior, carpentry
710 S. Arroyo Drive, Pasadena exterior, carpentry
2041 Rosemont Avenue, Pasadena interior
553 Dobbins Road, San Gabriel interior & exterior
1610 Kenilworth Avenue, San Marino interior & exterior
574 La Loma Road, Pasadena interior, tile
180 Colony Drive, Sierra Madre interior
185 N. Grove Street, Sierra Madre
1217 Stratford Avenue, South Pasadena exterior, carpentry
1425 Indiana Avenue, South Pasadena interior, refinishing cabinets
Featured Job
Historic Cultural Monument, R.M. Schindler, Architect
Schindler House, Studio City (before)
Famous Architect Rudolph Schindler had a specific look for the wooden walls of his homes. The challenge in this Studio City showcase was to replicate exactly the original finishes (glazes) that he used in 1947.. OH! And first, strip the entire house - walls and ceilings - of paint! The ceilings came back to their intended warmth and natural beauty. The walls have the exact same subtle shading of the original finish, which were a signature of this important mid-century architect.

Schindler House, Studio City (after)
We used 156 gallons of paint stripper. Finished the fir wood ceilings & beams and mahogany in a rich honey tone. The walls were in a cream/putty wash of stain that replicates the architect's original vision. This was a true restoration, from the bottom up. We are so grateful to be a part of it.

Thank you for visiting our work
Hand color mixing is always Joe's favorite aspect of the job. This season has been especially satisfactory for creating colors that work best for each individual space.