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Our children, staff and teachers join me in.....               Wishing you and family - a Merry Christmas and a      blessed New Year! :-)

We have happy news to start the new year...

Our first batch have got wonderful results for their 12th!

4 overall Distinctions!
6 Distinctions in English!
6 Distinctions in Biology!!
5 Distinctions in Comp Sc!
2 Distinctions in Mathematics!
1 Distinction in Business Studies!!
  • Graduation Day for our first batch.
  • Women empowered! Jobs for 2 GVTC students!
  • Construction of next 2 GVTC classrooms begin!
  • MMLC4 support the women at GVTC. 
  • Computer Course started at GVTC.
  • "JoyfulGifting" gift every child on Children's Day!
  • Life Skills classes for the 8th and 9th by GVTC.
  • KPMG donates furniture for our classrooms. on for more news!

Construction of the next 2 GVTC class rooms have started!

MMLC4 support the women at GVTC


Madras Mylapore Ladies Circle 4 donated sewing machines for the tailoring classes at GVTC.

GVTC start computer classes 

A new computer lab has been set up and GVTC have started classes on computer programming!

Children's Day Celebrations

 "JoyfulGifting" gifted every child at school a gift of a pencil/pen set. The children gifted each other cards and had a great time...of fun and games!

Life Skills classes for Gurukulam by GVTC

Life Skills classes have been started for the 8th and 9th grades by GVTC. The children will eventually get hands on experience of the Vocational Courses. 

KPMG donates much needed furniture


Inter-City Drawing Competition by MMLC4

Janathul and Abinaya won the trophy in a inter city drawing competition by MMLC4

More school activities

Cyber Etiquette by KPMG volunteers


Crocodile Park! A day out with KPMG :-)

Movie and Ice Creams for the most disciplined class!

Mr Kaushik and family visit us all the way from Australia!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year

  Our loving thanks to you, for making all these beautiful memories possible!