Welcome to the December 2017 edition of our RTS newsletter. Enjoy reading!

The RTS editorial team
Season's Greetings from RTS!
AKA when life gives you lemons, make lemonade...
The Lemons:
The FCC mandated huge changes to the availability of UHF spectrum, removing the vast majority of it exactly where our UHF beltpacks have been working for decades. This has a huge negative impact on our customers that rely on this style of wireless communications to do their jobs - think sports complexes, theaters, broadcasters, nuclear power plants, space exploration firms, cruise ships and more. This is a major shift on how companies may communicate to run their businesses.
The Lemonade: ROAMEO!
In 2017, RTS released our ROAMEO product. This is a wireless keypanel in beltpack format that uses DECT, not UHF, so there's no impact from the FCC in its operating spectrum. We've had several demonstrations, and - more importantly - successful implementations that prove to our customers that RTS has a solid answer to the FCC-mandated changes.
Here are some great examples that demonstrate how ROAMEO is not only filling the UHF gap, it is also a superior product that has more features, more capability and - with new RTS product introductions in 2018 - a significantly better price/performance position.
Industry awards:
ROAMEO at NAB 2017: TV Technology magazine Best in Show award 
ROAMEO at InfoComm 2017: Sound & Video Contractor magazine Best in Show award
Football in Texas is a "BIG THING." Kyle Field has been the football stadium for Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas since 1904. The seating capacity of 102,733 makes it the fourth-largest stadium in the United States, and the fifth-largest non-racing stadium in the world. When the system was demonstrated to the Texas A&M communications team, they were so impressed with the range and vocal quality of the system that they took less than one week to confirm their decision to purchase the system.
University of Pittsburgh:
ROAMEO is proving to be a standout performer in collegiate and professional sports stadiums whether indoors or outdoors. With a single ROAMEO Access Point we covered 85-90% of the building, including through cinder block walls with the Access Point at ground level!
ROAMEO may sound romantic, but hazardous duty is also part of the duties of a working intercom. VOGTLE, a Southern Companies nuclear power generation facility and longtime RTS customer, agreed to test ROAMEO in containment where spent nuclear fuel is removed and replaced.
When RTS won this traditional keypanel opportunity, it was before ROAMEO was available. That said, the RTS reputation for technical leadership led Indian Wells to wire their entire facility for placement of the access points that the ROAMEO beltpacks use for wireless communications.
Stay tuned for updates in 2018!