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2017 is almost over! This week we celebrate Thanksgiving. A time to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest and for the preceding year. Here at Smarter Building Systems we give thanks to you – our customers, and visitors to our website who signed up for our mailing list. A big Thank You to you all, from Nick and Toni.
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Basalt and Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)

Basalt and UHPC

There is great interest in the use of basalt reinforcements with ultra high performance concrete (UHPC). The higher strength of UHPC with its increased shear breaking loads make basalt more acceptable as the so called shear factor structural engineers had trouble with will no longer be a limiting factor. The shear breaking loads of UHPC are far beyond standard concrete.
The combination of basalt and UHPC will allow virtually no water, chemical or salt penetration. Applications can be much thinner and last many times longer. Lighter weight and longer lifespan equate to reduced costs – smaller cranes, less labor, less repair, and so on.
Billions of dollars are spent trying to mitigate water and chloride problems in concrete as is evidenced in most bridges and tunnels we travel daily. We all see the steel rebars sticking out, the cracking and spalling, the missing concrete. What we cannot see is even scarier! Our infrastructure needs serious repair. Rebuilding with the right materials will allow us to catch up, so we can drive and travel safely. Building with basalt and UHPC will result in homes and businesses that are resistant to storms, hurricanes and fires, and will last for many decades.
We envision housing panels made from materials that can handle fires, hurricanes and tornadoes. Building homes and businesses to survive a disaster, so they can be returned to. Basalt and UHPC are the future! If you’re interested follow this Cor-Tuf UHPC link for more information, or contact Nick.
A Few Samplings of Basalt
Wearable Heat Protective Clothing Basalt Fabric and Ocean Sports

Wearable Heat Protective Clothing

Students explore new applications for heat resistant basalt fiber, creating heat protective clothing. Read more >

Basalt Fabric and Ocean Sports

Basalt fabric included in fabrication of a nine-foot longboard and canoe paddle.
Read more >
Basalt vs Fiberglass Basalt Custom Samples

Basalt vs Fiberglass

Video showing comparison of fiberglass and basalt. Only one survives the screwdriver test! Watch the video >

Basalt Custom Samples

Assorted basalt product samples available online. Build your own sample kit or select premade. Read more >
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