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It's been a hot minute…
… since I've had anything to share.

Or, more correctly, anything to share that might make your day better. Thankfully, after a lot of work, thought, and the help of an entire burnout recovery group (it's been a rough couple years for everyone), there is once again news to share.

Some of it is good news, some of it seems like bad news, but since it led to good things, I'm going to avoid judging it too harshly. Your mileage may vary.
So. Much. News.
To begin, my website has changed to reflect more accurately who I am, what I write, and to include my partners in writing.

To that end, rather than kathleen-mcclure.com (and friends) we are now, collectively, outrageousfiction.com.

Secondly, The Libra Gambit is complete, and posted in its second draft entirety on the website. Next in the process is the read through for continuity and flow, beta readers, then, when funds allow, off to the editor! If you're too anxious to wait for the complete version, do drop by the website to read the story.

Third, not only has The Libra Gambit been posted, we are in the midst of posting all three first-in-series to the website, and to Wattpad.

Basically, we've chucked the advertising/promotion/swimming upstream model and moved to the share-your-work model (if you build it, they will come). It's less exhausting, it's a LOT less expensive, and darn it, it's more fun!

Fourth—and this one's started out as a kick in the gut but became the best of changes (see: advertising/promotion/swimming upstream)—Kindle readers will no longer be able to find our books on Amazon (read up on the story here, and here).

But it's not really bad news, because if you want to keep reading our books on your Kindle device, you may buy them at our own, Outrageous Fiction storefront, where you can download directly, or wait for a download link from Bookfunnel.

PS, using our store for any format is a help to us, as we get to retain most of the royalties, which means we can do things like get Libra Gambit to the editor sooner, help with actual life expenses, or at least, Buy a Coffee.
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And lastly…
… thank you for taking the time to read this email, and for your patience as I crawled out from under my little corner of a very difficult time.

Please, as always, stay strong, stay healthy, and keep reading.

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