August 2 2019
Community Newsletter
Seat Replacement Update
It's been a long road. Our decades-old seats in theaters one and two need to be replaced with new, comfortable seats that have cup holders! We began fundraising for this project in December 2106. At that time, we had been made an offer on used seats that would have represented a great improvement in the theaters at a very reasonable price. Due to extenuating circumstances, the seller was forced to rescind that offer. So we held the funds raised in a special fund and began a comprehensive capital fundraising endeavor so that we would be able to put NEW seats in theaters one and two.

Thanks to support from members of our community and New York State Council on the Arts, we are in the final stages of planning, and will replace our seats THIS FALL.

Our fundraising efforts have included grant-seeking, asking our closest supporters to make major gifts , our One Dollar Campaign which asks ticket buyers to give an additional dollar to support our capital projects, and the sale of seat plaques , with 100% of seat plaque contributions currently being restricted for our seat replacement project.

While we are still just over $10,000 away from having this project fully funded, our project will be underway this fall..

Thanks to everyone who has given a gift or purchased a seat plaque in support of seat replacement, including major support from:
Marilyn Beck
Diane Berg
Judy Bernhang
Bottles and Cases
Timothy and Joyce Bowersox
Rosanne and Ed Braun
Jan Brenner & William Houck
The Brettschneider Family
Richard and Marilyn Brooks
Sandy Chapin
Cathy Chernoff
Martin and Carol Cohen
Joanne Depaola
Paul Elsener and Den Collins
Jane Evans
Sandy Friedman
Kathi Galotti
Sharon Garfinkel
David and Toby Gerber
Peter Gollon and Abby Pariser
Terri and Jeffrey Glatzer
Zoha Gondal
Susan Greenbaum
Robert and Priscilla Hughes
Steve and Lizbeth Holbreich
Joan Isaac
Island Better Hearing; Lori Trentacoste
Carol Jordano
Janet P. Kandel

Marcia Kaplan
Stephen Kirkpatrick
Charlotte Koons
Ann and Steven Krausz
Jessica Ley
Hedda Marcus & Neil Checkman
Judith Marino
Marta McIvor
Ross Moore & Sharon Jacka
Dr. Peter Mudge
Diana Papademas
Vicki Peskin
Dr. Davenport (Mike) Plumer and Hariet Spitzer
Jane Pressman
Lauren Rankin and Gregg Girard
Lucille and Mark Raskin
Ellen and David Reynolds
Gary Rogers and Miriam Smith
Thomas Roser & Georgine Dominique
Joanne Schenendorf
Rainer Schwarz
Raymond Scott
Robert Sherlock
Irwin and Judith Tantleff
Donald and Susan Telage
Jacqueline Tordik & Jason Briggs
Nancy Vavassis
Michelle Warren
Frances and Harry Whittelsey
You can help us close the budget gap on seat replacement by purchasing a seat plaque or making a restricted gift . Please contact for more information.

(Seat plaques that are currently on our old seats in theaters one and two will be transformed into an art installation, created by internationally renowned artist Isabel Pavao , and will be displayed in our lobby.)
Walter Blum: Programmer for a Day!
Cinema Arts Centre member and supporter Walter Blum was one of over 100 people to support the Cinema Arts Centre at our 2019 Academy Awards Fundraiser in February. The 2019 event featured an abundant raffle organized by the Cinema Arts Centre's Circle of Friends . One of the featured prizes was Programmer for a Day, which was won by Walter Blum.

The Programmer for a Day prize includes the opportunity for the winner to select, present, and host a film as part of our regular programming. It includes ten complimentary tickets to the event, popcorn and soda for ten guests, and a red carpet photo opportunity.

Walter selected the film INCEPTION which was projected in 35mm on our new screen in theater one on July 17th. (Screen replacement was made possible in part by your contributions to our One Dollar Campaign to support capital projects.)

"INCEPTION was and still is a film that throws my expectations out the window as well as shows why Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors of all time! His attention to detail and story telling is unlike any other filmmaker to this day, making sure that his pieces use as many practical effects as possible AND shooting on film with digital out of the question. This film still blows my mind 9 years later just as much as it did when I saw it in the theaters with my Grandfather and Cousin. When I won the raffle to pick a film for the night at CAC, INCEPTION was the first film to come to mind. I'm so glad I got to present this film to an audience with at least two thirds of the room who haven't seen the film; shout out to the staff for getting a beautiful 35mm celluloid print of the film. That was my first time seeing this film on film," Walter shared with us.

For the first time, a chance to win select raffle prizes were available to all of our members and patrons in the lead-up to our Academy Awards Night Fundraiser. Circle of Friends members sold raffle tickets in our lobby, making our top three prizes available to anyone interested in supporting the Cinema Arts Centre through the select raffle. We plan to do the same for our 2020 Academy Awards Night Fundraiser. So look for announcements in December, January, and February, and you could be our next Programmer for a Day.
 The Cinema Arts Centre is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. The mission of the Cinema Arts Centre is to bring the best in cinematic artistry to Long Island, and use the power of film to expand the awareness and consciousness of our community.
Thanks to our August Program Sponsors:
Thanks to Stuart and Ginger Polisner for their ongoing support of our Real-to-Reel and Creativity Series.

When you visit a business that supports the cinema, please let them know how much it means to you.
Major Grant Support
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