June 3 – 24

May 16, 2023


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What will the Seattle of tomorrow look like?

Local Artists Create a Labyrinth of Imaginative Possibilities to Explore

Seattle: City of the Future presents new works by 43 local artists that explore 

diverging views for the Emerald City’s near and distant future… It’s a world of

multi-media wonders and alternative realities that will ignite the imagination of audiences.

SEATTLE, WA — During the World’s Fair in 1962, Seattle was celebrated as the City of Tomorrow, a forward-thinking town with cutting edge innovation and technology. Sixty years later Third Place Technologies is pleased to partner with PublicDisplay.ART (published by One Reel) and the Tamarind Tree Restaurant to host an immersive art experience that revisits this concept from today's vantage point.

Local artists, technologists, civic activists and interdisciplinary art groups were asked to explore some of the universal questions on the minds of today's residents and bring them to life in the form of 3D installations and immersive, artistic concepts. The result is a curated exhibit that spans three floors and offers 28 glimpses of what may become of Seattle.

The ticketed event taps into Seattle’s thirst for new technology and immersive storytelling, filling three floors of interstitial space with inflatables, sculptures, projection, robotics, murals, textiles, a motion-activated light show, staged displays, gaming components, mapping software, postering, a voting booth, sound signals, and more.

“While the theme is intended to be forward facing, its roots can be traced back 60 years to the historic Seattle World’s Fair” explains Shelly Farham of Third Place Technologies. “The idea is as relevant today as it was back then. Tapping local creative minds to engage audiences with futuristic glimpses that offer hope and signal very real warnings as Seattle moves toward tomorrow, just made sense.”

Some of the installations that audiences are invited to explore include visions of psychedelic wildlife, a world of transgender assimilation, ecologic wonders, a new language of communication, AI dystopian alleyways, transformational cityscapes, an honest-to-God robot, and twenty-one more pathways of potential futures.

The exhibit runs through June 4-24 and is a ticketed event, with staggered accessibility. Tickets are on sale now and ticket-buyers can select the date and time of their tour. Interested visitors are encouraged to buy tickets in advance, before the timeslots are filled.  There’s also an opening night party presented by Third Place Technologies on Saturday, June 3, and a closing party on Saturday, June 25, hosted by One Reel, the Publisher of PublicDisplay.ART that offers guests the opportunity for extended exploration.

“We invited Third Place Technologies and PublicDisplay.ART to the table to create an opportunity at the Teal Building to support local arts and LGBTQ+ communities” shares Tamarind Tree owner, Tam Nyguyen. “This exhibit delivers just that. We are excited to see the space activated during Seattle Pride month and we welcome the community to enjoy this mind-bending exhibit.”

With a large number of LGBTQ artists contributing their visions for the future, the exhibit purposefully accomplishes this goal and presents a celebratory Pride message for working toward a better future for the city we love. Additionally, the space will play host to variety of events, both public and privately when the space is not open to the public, that serve as fundraisers for selected LGBTQ and arts organizations.

The 43 featured artists include: Bailey Ambrose Heller, Ben Flaster, Brandon Traynoff, Carolyn Hitt, Casey Curran, Chain Plate (Chan Plett), COLE & DAVIES (Maryann B. Cole & Dylan M.R. Davis), Duane Georges, FUTURE WATCH (Jordan Christianson, lead, Anouk Rawkson, & Kerstin Graudins), Griff Tucker, GROUP 6 (Nichol Devoy, lead, and Group 6), Heidi Grace Acuña, J. Adam Brinson, Jean Bradbury, Jeffrey Larson, Jeremy Rise, Joseph Gray, Josh Lind, Julie Conway, Lesley Bain, Mary Anne Carter, MIRROR MAZE CIRCLE (Hann Chebeleu, lead, Emma Siple, & Carmen Woodson), Nathan DiPietro, Ray Song, Ruben David Rodriguez, SEATTLE DESIGN NERDs (Trevor Dykstra, lead, Grayson Hay, Kai Curtis and Simon Vincini), Sepia Katsoolis, Sylwia Tur, and TOTALLY LEGIT (David Hull, lead, James Robinson, Shelly Farnham, Andrew Cole, & Jeff Brice).

For coverage into the minds of the creators that offer insight into their visions of the future,

be sure to pick up the June Issue of PublicDisplay.ART

—————— EXHIBIT INFO. ——————


Seattle: City of the Future


The Teal Building — 619 E Pine Street; Seattle, WA 98122

“The Teal Building” was formerly one of Seattle’s premier venues for LGBTQ nightlife on Capitol Hill, but remained dormant for several years. Recently purchased by the owners of the Tamarind Tree Restaurant, the space has been generously donated for the upcoming Seattle: City of the Future exhibit, prior to undergoing renovations to open a new concept in entertainment. The unique floorplan provides access to three floors, making it possible to curate new works form 43 artists in the form of 28 installations created specifically for this exhibit. 


HOURS & TICKET PRICES: Wednesdays 6-10 PM ($10), Thursdays 6-10 PM ($15), Fridays 6-12 PM ($25), Saturdays 6-12 PM ($25), Sundays 5-9 PM ($15)


Exhibit runs through June 3-24


Third Place Technologies is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides spaces and events to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, community, and life-long learning for artists, creative technologists, and civic activists. Our sibling art group Totally Legit is also providing extensive creative, material and volunteer support for the exhibition.

PublicDisplay.ART is published by One Reel, a 501c3 nonprofit that has served Seattle's creative community & local arts audiences for over 50 years. Launched in 2021, the tabloid is published bi-monthly and distributed throughout the Puget Sound for free. Content includes a curated selection of local artist profiles, compelling creative-focused content, arts news, and creative-community listings.

Tam Nguyen and the Tamarind Tree Restaurant are the new owners of the “Teal Building” on 619 E Pine St. The iconic Teal Building was formerly a hotspot of Capitol Hill nightlife and this Summer we have a unique opportunity to activate the building with an art show that reflects upon Seattle as a city of the future. Learn more at


Exhibit photos will be available on Tuesday, May 30

Or arrange a walk through for press on Wednesday, May 31 or Thursday, June 1

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