UAA Seawolf Dining
November 7 - November 23
Caliente Grand Opening 
It's never to late to throw a party! We celebrated Caliente with live music by Chris Snyder, t-shirt giveaways, free nacho giveaways and gave away two $50 WolfBucks gift cards. 

This was marketing via social media, event post boost, digital signage across campus, flyers and emails to students. 

Coke Taste Testing _Caliente Grand Opening
Coke Taste Testing _Caliente Grand Opening
We've got moves!
We've got moves!
Caliente Catering 

Caliente will now be offering catering for parties starting with a minimum of 30 people. We will be promoting this with a mailer to all departments, a visit to the departments in the Student Union, a post on Green & Gold and a new page on the Seawolf Dining website. 

Special Savings
Caliente offered a Tostada and fountain soda special for $.50 through Nov. 18. 

This is promoted with flyers, digital screens across campus and a Facebook ads campaign. 
Creekside Commons 
Staff Spotlight: Deloris Johnson

Deloris Johnson, the NMS baker was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, so Alaska has always been home to her. She graduated from Lathrop High School, in 1998, with no real plans for the future. She came from a poor, single-parent home, so finding employment as soon as she was of age was a must. All throughout high school she worked in the fast food industry, but for her it was just a check, she didn't see a future in it. In 2001, she found out that she was pregnant, and knowing she was going to be a single mom decided that she wanted a better life for her and her child.

Holiday Hours 
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